Presidents’ Evening 2023

Full details of the evening’s proceedings

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Images by Steve Russell, notes by Anne Ruffell

There were 14 Presidents in attendance.

The two others in one of the group photos (see below) are Anita Nutter who was representing her partner, the late Delvin Stonehill (1983/84), and Alison Carlick who was representing her mother Katy Carlick (1992/93) who was unable to attend as Alan, her husband was not well. For information, Anita is the one with blonde hair.

These Presidents represented 40 years in the history of the Society! (If you take it back to Delvin’s Presidency).

The PPs who were interviewed were: Carol Watson (2002/03) – still using slide film; Dr Zoe Hemsley (2009/10), Louise Brown (2014/15)
and Martin Farrow ((2011/12).

The line up in Image 1 of 23 is:
From Back Row L-R: Trevor Morecraft, Nick Townley, Gordon Brown, Eric Blake;
Steve Green, Glyn Paton, Alex Fyfe, Martin Farrow
Tony Large, Alison Carlick
Zoe Hemsley, Anita Nutter, Anne Ruffell
Louise Brown, Carol Watson, Barbara Lambert.

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