Can I cancel a booking in WebCollect?

No, please send an email to ku.co1713856548sotoh1713856548pniw@1713856548pihsr1713856548ebmem1713856548 and I will cancel it for you. 

Is there a Waiting List if  an event is full?

No, please advise the meeting organiser and ku.co1713856548sotoh1713856548pniw@1713856548pihsr1713856548ebmem1713856548 so they can advise you if a space becomes available

Do I have a ticket for an Event?

When you login to WebCollect it shows you all the events for which you have tickets.

Can I purchase multiple events with one booking?

Yes you can purchase multiple events, so save yourself some time and make multiple bookings. 

I am having trouble with a booking and need help?

Send an email to ku.co1713856548sotoh1713856548pniw@1713856548pihsr1713856548ebmem1713856548 describing the problem 


Can I pay on the day?

Yes, but its really helpful if you pay before the event so that meeting organisers do not need to worry about payments and have to get the contactless reader used to accept payments. 

I can’t come, will I get a refund?

Yes, your money will be refunded or held as a credit on your account towards another event. 

Does WebCollect take money?

No, web collect does not take any money you always have to make the payment via a bank transfer

I haven’t received a confirmation that I have paid?

Reconciliation of bank payments to bookings is a manual process performed by the Treasurer every few days so please allow time and you will receive an email advising your payment has been received. If in doubt contact  ku.co1713856548sotoh1713856548pniw@1713856548pihsr1713856548ebmem1713856548 

What reference do I put on the bank transfer for an event?

The reference needs to include your name and the event you are attending  e.g. HOBBS OWLS