Annual Exhibition 2020 Gallery

WPS 87th Annual Exhibition

As we announced on 19 April, the WPS Annual Exhibition 2020 has gone ahead as an exhibition for digital images. Judging was completed and the images posted here ahead of the Online Exhibition by the Hampshire Cultural Trust which runs from 23 May to 21 June 2020.

The HCT Online Exhibition includes a form for visitors to order prints.

Out of 649 entries in 10 classes, 234 images from 54 society members were accepted for the exhibition. Of those, 54 images were either class winners or were awarded Certificates of Merit.

We’ve listed the successful images, with their scores, at Annual Exhibition 2020 Results

The gallery below shows the accepted images in each of the 10 classes.

The image names displayed have this format: X_Y_FFFF-LLLL_TTTTT where

  • X is the class (A to K omitting B),
  • Y can be W for Winner, C for Certificate of Merit, or A for Accepted,
  • FFFF-LLLL is the author’s first name and last name,
  • TTTTT is the image title.

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