New Image Upload Facility

Why a new image upload facility?

As explained on page 17 of the 2020-21 Members’ Handbook, we’re introducing a new image upload facility. It should make the process simpler and remove some of the previous issues. 

New Image Upload Facility

The new process will no longer use the WPS website for image uploads. Instead we will be using a new system called PhotoEntry.  PhotoEntry was written specifically for camera club competitions. It has a number of benefits over the previous upload facility:

  1. Image File Name:  there is no fixed format for image file naming. PhotoEntry does not use a specific naming format so you can call your file whatever you want!
  2. Member Class:  you will no longer need to specify your class. Your profile on PhotoEntry will already have details for your class for all of your image uploads.  If you haven’t yet been told, or you don’t know which class you are in, please contact the Competition Secretary.
  3. Image Size/Resolution:  fewer pestering emails from me!  When you upload to PhotoEntry, if your image is too big it will be resized automatically. PhotoEntry will resize it to fit the 1920 x 1200 resolution used by the projector, keeping the correct aspect ratio.  Please do still try to get your resolution correct. This reduces the need for PhotoEntry to make any changes to your image.
  4. Access to your Previous Competition Images:  you will be able to view all images you have previously entered into competitions. PhotoEntry will keep them all as long as you are a member.
  5. Preloading images for future competitions: the system allows us to set up all the competitions for the season in advance. So if you are planning a long trip (as if!) you could upload images for future competitions before you leave.