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Rounds and Judges

PDI League competitions 2013 onwards

2018-19WPS PDI Round 1Tuesday 23 October 2018Jon Mitchell
2018-19WPS PDI Round 2Tuesday 20 November 2018Tony Oliver
2018-19WPS PDI Round 3Tuesday 19 February 2019Paul Thackeray
2018-19WPS PDI Round 4Tuesday 12 March 2019Catherine Jolley
2018-19WPS PDI Round 5Tuesday 23 April 2019Roger Smith
2017-18WPS PDI Round 1Tuesday 3 October 2017Graeme Sleeman
2017-18WPS PDI Round 2Tuesday 7 November 2016Derek Gale
2017-18WPS PDI Round 3 Themed competition
Set topic: Transport
Tuesday 12 December 2017Brian Burden LRPS
2017-18WPS PDI Round 4Tuesday 20 February 2018Geoff Roberts LBIPP LMPA LNPS
2017-18WPS PDI Round 5Tuesday 20 March 2018Ruari Cumming ARPS
2016-17WPS PDI Round 1Tuesday 4 October 2016Tony Oliver ARPS CPAGB BPE2*
2016-17WPS PDI Round 2Tuesday 22 November 2016Ken Scott ARPS
2016-17WPS PDI Round 3Tuesday 03 January 2017Alison Cawley ARPS EFIAP DPAGB
2016-17WPS PDI Round 4, Set topic:
"Shadows & Silhouettes"
Tuesday 28 February 2017Jim Pascoe ARPS ABIPP
2016-17WPS PDI Round 5Tuesday 21 March 2017Alan Cooke
2015-16WPS PDI Round 1Tuesday 29 September 2015Chris Neil-Griffin
2015-16WPS PDI Round 2Tuesday 10 November 2015Giles Barkley
2015-16WPS PDI Round 3, Set topic:
“Earth’s Beauty”
Tuesday 12 January 2016Ruari Cumming
2015-16WPS PDI Round 4Tuesday 16 February 2016Zaid Meherali (replacement for) Alan Cooke
2015-16WPS PDI Round 5Tuesday 15 March 2016Chris Hutchinson
2014-15WPS PDI Round 1Tuesday 7 October 2014Alan Cooke
2014-15WPS PDI Round 2Tuesday 25 November 2014Jeff Pitman
2014-15WPS PDI Round 3, Set topic:
"Telling a Story"
Tuesday 3 February 2015Colin Gogerty
2014-15WPS PDI Round 4Tuesday 17 March 2015Barry Day
2014-15WPS PDI Round 5Tuesday 14 April 2015Jeff Lawrence
2013-14WPS PDI Round 1Tuesday 8th October 2013Chris Hutchinson
2013-14WPS PDI Round 2Tuesday 26th NovemberAlison Cawley ARPS, DPAGB
2013-14WPS PDI Round 3Tuesday 4th FebruaryZoe Hemsley
2013-14WPS PDI Round 4Tuesday 11th March 2014Roy Lambeth CPAGB, BPE2*, AFIAP
2013-14WPS PDI Round 5Tuesday 22nd April 2014Kevin Sandall

Winning and Placed Images PDI and Print Leagues

Arranged by year, by round and by class (Beginner, Advanced, Intermediate),

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