WPS Needs You

Here are some areas where you can help keep our society running

Who sits on the Committee?

Our constitution specifies that the Committee must consist of five named officers: President, Past President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer), and three Members’ Representatives. The constitution allows for other Committee members with specific roles. Those roles are not listed in the constitution but include roles such as Membership Secretary, Programme Secretary and Communications Secretary. The Committee may co-opt additional members for specific tasks.

How long do you serve?

Members’ Representatives are elected for a one year term, and may be reelected.

Other committee members have three-year terms and may be re-elected. The President is normally first elected as Vice-president, serves a year as President, and then a year as Past President.

Either individually or as part of a small team, in one of the following areas:

  • Workshops
  • Outings 
  • Make Member Badges/Distribute Handbooks
  • Meeting & Greeting of new members (Sept-Dec)
  • Staffing of ‘new member welcome area’ at tea interval
  • Staffing the Society Desk – setting up at 7pm, handing out information, leaflets, sign-up sheets, general info, both before start of meetings and in interval
  • Sale of tickets at Society Desk for special speaker events (4-5 times per year    
  • General room set up at 7pm (stand, tables, badges, noticeboards, magazines)
  • Publishing skills to assist with members’ handbooks, exhib catalogues, certificates, etc.
  • Refreshments Team members (team of 10+) with working knowledge of tea and coffee making procedures (working on a rota)
  • Refreshments Team Co-ordinator to organise the refreshments team, purchase supplies and draw up rota
  • Organiser for wine and refreshments for Social evenings
  • Organise/help organise Workshop Programme
  • At Workshops – open hall, take payments, provide refreshments
  • Organise rotas for Print Discussion Table, Drop-In Photoshop Surgeries, etc
  • Special event promotion
  • Help handle content on our social media (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc)
  • In general:
    • Trophy co-ordinator for WPS internal competitions – collecting, engraving, etc
    • Assist in organising Annual Prize-giving of trophies at end of season
  • Specifically for Print Competitions:
    • Print Table collectors and sorters of entries
    • Title announcers
    • Putter-upper and taker-down of prints
  • Specifically for PDI Competitions:
    • PDI Entry Organiser – collect, check and prepare images for projection (does not include actual projection of images on the night)
  • Website: technical input and maintenance (as part of a team)
  • Co-ordinate WPS social media presence
  • Exhibition Software – see Exhibitions
  • Meeting & Event Technology:
    • Each as part of a small team, understanding, operating and maintaining:-
      • Projection Equipment
      • Microphones, audio, lighting in Performance Hall
      • Laptops
  • The Annual Print Exhibition: there is already a team in place for these roles, but additional help and/or replacements may be needed:-
    • Promotion and Publicity
    • On-line Entry
    • Print Collection
    • Print Judging Day
    • Print Hanging Day
    • Catalogue Production/liaison
    • Trophy collection, engraving, etc
    • Presentation Evening Co-ordinator
    • Exhibition Software – technical understanding and operation (as part of a small team)
  • The Winchester National Exhibition (PDIs):
    • Overall Exhibition Co-ordinator
    • Team of 3-5 others

Interested . . . ?

Come and talk to us to find out more about the roles, or email ku.co1721680244sotoh1721680244pniw@1721680244tnedi1721680244serp1721680244.

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