George Walsh Trophy and the Set of Three

The George Walsh Trophy and the Set of Three

The George Walsh Trophy

George Walsh Trophy

This trophy is presented in memory of George Walsh, longstanding member of WPS, who died in May 2017.

During his 60 years of membership he was actively involved in the running of the Society, taking the role of President twice and being appointed Honorary Life President in 1991.

He ran the Society’s annual exhibition for 31 years, and was co-founder of the Audio-Visual Group. 

As a tribute to George’s work as a Hampshire Chronicle photographer, the trophy will be awarded to the winner of a new competition on the theme of documentary/photojournalism.

Documentary photography provides a straightforward and accurate representation of people, places, objects and events. It is used to chronicle events or environments that are significant and relevant to history, as well as those that show everyday life.

Photojournalism, closely associated with street photography, employs images that tell a story, usually news-related, in a creative format that is entertaining as well as informative.

Set of Three

Members will submit three images that have a linking theme, on a subject or concept of their own choice.


2019  Date   
George Walsh Trophy Tuesday 3 December 2019  
1st Sue Birtwistle – A day at the races   
2nd John Davis – Nearly there Waiting for the image !  



3rd by Geraldine Guthrie

Repainting the City Bollards



  Geraldine Guthrie 1400 x 1050 Repainting the City Bollards  
HC Nick Sellick – Never again
HC Eric Blake – Venice copes with the floods
HC Trevor Morecraft – For the children



Set of Three

Set of ThreeSarah Townley Autumn Leaves left Sarah Townley Autumn Leaves Centre Sarah Townley Autumn Leaves right
1st Still life – Sarah Townley (above)    
2nd Gavin Mann – Camel thorn trees
3rd Roger Dixey – If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there
HC Pete Whieldon – Diffused Light
HC Nick Scott – Dance
HC Martin Farrow – Symmetrees


2018  Date   
George Walsh Trophy 30th January 2018  
Eyeing Up the Opposition




David McKibbin

  1st George Walsh David McKibbin Eyeing Up the Opposition  


Set of Three – Sarah Townley

400 1 1st Sarah Townley still life 1
Still Life 1
400-2-1st Sarah Townley still life 2
Still Life 2
400 3 1st Sarah Townley still life 3
Still Life 3

All questions to : Competition Secretary: ku.co1716836516sotoh1716836516pniw@1716836516cespm1716836516oc1716836516

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