The Society runs several special interest groups to help members improve or widen the scope of their photography.

We are very grateful to the members who give their time and experience to help run these groups.

Some groups come to an end of their natural life and close themselves down. For example, there was a Smartphone Group when serious photography with smartphones was starting to become possible. The group wound up when smartphone photography became mainstream.

Click on the tabs below for details of the current groups, with meeting dates.

RPS Distinctions Groups

LRPS Distinctions Group

This group encourages members who wish to develop their photographic skills with an aim to achieving their LRPS, the Licentiate level of the Royal Photographic Society – a distinction that is very attainable by club photographers.

With mentoring from two RPS advisors, group members put together a panel of ten images that demonstrate a variety of photographic skills at a competent level.

New members to the group are always welcome: please liaise with Louise Brown initially as spaces may be limited.

Please note that this regular Distinctions Group only assists with preparation for LRPS, not the higher RPS levels (Associate or Fellow).

Contact: Louise Brown LRPS

Use contact form or

(members login to see contact details)


You can view some members’ successful panels in the Distinctions Galleries.

Where we meet

In the Children’s Library area at the Arc, Winchester – see Where we meet

When: Occasional evenings, usually Monday, 7.30-10pm

Planned Meetings

ARPS Distinctions Group

An ARPS group was set up in May 2017 at the request of members to provide advice and focus for those moving on to Associate membership of the RPS. Several of those who came to the meetings have been successful with their “A” panels. 

From the 2019/20 season, the ARPS Distinctions Group stopped its regular series of meetings because of a lack of demand.

Any member thinking of working towards obtaining an ARPS Distinction should contact Louise Brown, email ku.co1695759653sotoh1695759653pniw@1695759653snoit1695759653cnits1695759653id1695759653 to discuss being put in touch with members who have that distinction for some advice and recommendations.

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Beginners’ Group

Group Purpose

The purpose of the Beginners’ Group is to give members who are new to the society, or who wish to develop their photography skills, a smaller, more informal environment in which to learn more about:

  • Their camera and how to use it
  • Basic principles of photography and the taking of pictures
  • Producing images for pleasure and appreciation
  • Entering competitions
  • The Society in general.

As well as addressing specific topics and developing members’ skills and knowledge, the group aims to provide an open forum in which to answer any questions that members may have on photography or on the society.

Planned Sessions

When: First Wednesday of each month, 7.30-10pm

Where: Otterbourne Meeting Rooms