2022-23 Winter Lectures

For the current season we are continuing to live-stream our meetings for the benefit of members who are still minimising their exposure to infection because they or a close family member are extremely vulnerable. It also helps those who are unable to attend in person for other reasons.

Logon details are published in the weekly email members’ newsletter preceding the meeting, and another email to all members on the day of the meeting.

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About Mark and his talk

Mark is an underwater photographer based in Glasgow, UK. With inspiration drawn from childhood experiences of the rugged Scottish coast, he aims to bring the weird and wonderful of UK sea life to the wider public with a particular focus on the ethereal life found in Scottish seas.

Mark sells print and stock photographs and has worked with charities such as Seasearch, Sea Changers and Froglife. He is keen to donate to and work collaboratively with any convervation or educational body and is available for hire on any underwater photography project. Mark’s work has featured in national media outlets such as the BBC, The Guardian, The Independent, CNN, National Geographic Kids and Diver magazine as well as a number of marine and diving books.

He has won multiple national and international competitions, including British Underwater Photographer of the Year 2021.


Mark Kirkland Underwater Photography on Facebook

Mark Underwater on Instagram

www.markkirklandphotography.com (offline at 6.12.2022)

Interview with Mark in Scuba Diver Magazine