Improvers Group

Improvers’ Groups 1 and 2

The Improvers’ groups follow on from the Beginners Group and are for members who want continued support and guidance to improve their photography.

Since the season 2020-21 there have been two Improver groups, one at entry level for those progressing from the Beginners’ group and a second group of the original Improvers who wish to advance their photography further.

The groups are relaxed, with an emphasis on members helping each other on all aspects of photography. Eric Blake and Trevor Morecraft attend meets as resident experts.

Improvers 1

When: Last Monday in the month, 7.30pm to 10pm

Where: Littleton Millennium Hall

Improvers 2

When: 2nd Monday in the month, 7.30pm to 10pm

Where: Otterbourne Meeting Rooms

Contact for both groups: Trevor Morecraft and Eric Blake: ku.co1719343872sotoh1719343872pniw@1719343872srevo1719343872rpmi1719343872

Planned Meetings

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