Annual Exhibition 2024 Catalogue

WPS 91st Annual Exhibition 2024 Catalogue

Visit the Annual Exhibition 2024 Gallery on this website to view all the accepted images

About the 2024 Exhibition

There were 574 entries from a total of 66 WPS members

Of these, 124 entries from 49 different members were accepted for the Exhibition.

The winner of each of the 11 classes will receive a trophy, which they hold for a year. A further 38 entries gained Certificates of Merit.

About the Catalogue

Every member who submitted an entry for the competition will also receive a copy of the printed catalogue.

The catalogue shows all the class winning and Certificate of Merit entries and as many Accepted images as we could fit (which, this year, was every image).

The catalogue lists all the trophy winners, Certificate of Merit winners, and all Accepted images.

APE 2024 Catalogue

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