8 December – Polina Plotnikova

WPS Guest Speaker – Polina Plotnikova

8 December – Polina Plotnikova

Starting from a blank canvas – creative flower portraiture and still life

Our guest speaker on 8 December, Polina Plotnikova, runs highly popular courses for the RPS on flower photography and still life. These all sell out very quickly, so she will present aspects of two of her courses for us.

Polina says

I am a Russian-born UK-based photographer. My photographic style developed through my love and knowledge of art. Modern technology equips you with some amazing tools that the artists of the past could not even dream of – but the main task is essentially the same: to draw the viewer in, so that they can share your vision and tune into the emotions that you are trying to convey.

Polina also runs courses on TradeSecrets.Live, as does previous speaker Simon Ellingworth.


8 December Polina Plotnikova
© Polina Plotnikova
Still Life Photography Workshop with POLINA PLOTNIKOVA
Polina Plotnikova with her Gold Medal winning display of Tall Bearded Irises – National Collection portfolio at the RHS Botanical Photography Show 2015

8 December – Polina Plotnikova- watch again

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8 December – Polina Plotnikova- meeting notes

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