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WPS WebCollect Calendar

The master events calendar is held in WebCollect, but some members find it useful to use another calendar app to show upcoming events.

Usage notes about WebCollect calendar

  • This Google calendar view of the WPS calendar only displays the events which have been marked as public in WebCollect
  • There is usually a delay before calendar updates appear in the Google view. Google has to poll the WebCollect calendar for updates and does so three or four times a day

Embed this Calendar on your own device

Several members (including your webmaster) used to embed the old calendar in their own calendar application on their desktop or mobile devices.

You can do the same with the WebCollect.

Any application which supports embedding an iCal feed should work. For example, Google Calendar, Outlook, Outlook webmail, BT Web Mail and Apple Calendar.

Here’s the link to use in your calendar programme:

(you need to be logged in to this site to see it)

If you need help, ask the webmaster

Find and Book on WebCollect

If you haven’t signed in to WebCollect, you will only see the events which have been marked as public.