Special Events in the 2019-20 season

1. David duChemin

The highlight event of our season is our Autumn Lecture by the world-renowned David duChemin. 

David duChemin is a world & humanitarian assignment photographer, best-selling author, digital publisher, and international workshop leader whose nomadic and adventurous life fuels his fire to create and share. I chase compelling images on all 7 continents and teach others to see, photograph, and get the most from, this astonishing life.

“Life,” to quote the late Helen Keller, “is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

David’s website can be viewed at: https://davidduchemin.com/

David will explore what makes an image resonate.

Please note that ticket purchase in advance is essential for this lecture and we are expecting a capacity audience. Ticket prices are:

  • WPS Members: £5
  • Non-members: £15


Tickets are available either at the Society Desk on a Tuesday evening or online via this link.


2. Alison Baskerville

Alison is a British documentary photographer, with experience in the British Army with Tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. She has explored themes around conflict and gender stereotypes. She aims to show stories with collaboration and connection. She will talk on representation in photography and the gendered lens.

Alison will visit us on 10th March 2020 and tickets for non-members will be available in the new year. Members can attend this meeting for free.


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