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Note: When a post contains multiple images, Facebook maintains separate counts of likes for the post and for each of the images in the post.

If you imbed an image or an album from another source on facebook such as your own account, this won’t count towards the WPS “most liked” competition as likes may have come from outside WPS .

We calculate the score for such a post by combining the list of members who liked the post with the name of those who liked any of the images and then eliminating duplicates. This gives the number of separate members who liked the post and/or one of its images. We use the COUNTA(UNIQUE()) spreadsheet formula.

2024-05-May_1st_Simon Merryman_Aurora from our back garden_30 likes

Simon Merryman’s post of Aurora images , with 30 likes, was May 2024’s most liked post in the WPS Members’ Facebook group.

The five images which received 20 likes or more are featured in the gallery below.

Pending confirmation by Katie, the most liked posts for May 2024 are listed here.

PositionAuthorTitleTotal likesDate Posted
1Simon MerrymanAurora from our back garden30Sat 11 May
2James WestDowny Emerald Dragonfly in flight, New Forest23Wed 29 May
3Carey WallFirst photos with new camera20Fri 24 May
3Robin ShawBig surprise to see red20Sat 11 May
3Simon MerrymanImages from an evening drone flight20Sun 19 May
6James WestFemale Azure damselfly17Mon 13 May
7Peter OrrView from icebreaker crow’s nest16Mon 27 May
8David MoormanTunnels of Fort Nelson, Portsdown Hill15Sun 12 May
8James WestMore Aurora shots from my garden15Sat 11 May
10Joanna GrimesAurora Borealis from my garden13Sat 11 May
10Tim LeverA golden evening brightens13Thu 23 May
10Trevor MorecraftNew plants in the garden13Sat 11 May

Detailed results of the top five are as follows:

  • 1st Simon Merryman’s Aurora from our back garden with 30 likes, posted Sat 11 May
    • Simon wrote:
      • Some of my many pictures taken tonight from our back garden in Kings Worthy. The northern lights didn’t look this good on our recent trip to Finland!!!
        2:30am now, so off to bed! X
  • 2nd James West’s Downy Emerald Dragonfly in flight, New Forest with 23 likes, posted on Wed 29 May
    • James wrote:
      • it’s not quite sharp enough on the face to consider using in a competition, … but I’ll go back on a sunny day and try again with more depth of field.
  • 3rd= Carey Wall’s First photos with new camera, 20 likes, posted Fri 24 May
    • Carey wrote:
      • First photos taken with new camera. Room for improvement but a good place to start. Nikon Z611
  • 3rd= Robin Shaw’s Big surprise to see red, 20 likes, posted Sat 11 May
    • Robin wrote
      • I have never seen anything other than green so a big surprise to see red.
  • 3rd= Simon Merryman’s Images from an evening drone flight, 20 likes, posted Sun 19 May
    • Simon simply wrote
      • A few images from a recent evening drone flight.

John Rose’s LRPS panel, with 34 likes, was April 2024’s most liked post in the WPS Members’ Facebook group.

The five images which received 20 likes or more are featured in the gallery below.

Pending confirmation by Carey, the most liked posts for April 2024 are listed here, with a remarkable seven-way tie for 8th place.

PositionAuthorTitleTotal likesDate posted
1John RoseLRPS Panel32Sun 21 Apr
2Lilian HobbsTotal Eclipse in Texas30Tue 9 Apr
3Corinne KozokSkylark on Sunday26Mon 22 Apr
4Trevor MorecraftPrint Exhibition Framing22Sat 20 Apr
5Tony LargeV&A, Dundee20Tue 23 Apr
6Corinne KozokSkylark on Magdalen Hill Down19Sun 21 Apr
6Tony CowburnBarney on Swanage Beach19Fri 12 Apr
8Corinne KozokRobin with breakfast17Sat 6 Apr
8Linda GatesAbandoned Vehicle at Marders Yard17Sat 20 Apr
8Linda GatesA paper curl17Sun 7 Apr
8Peter OrrGrebes at Lakeside17Sun 21 Apr
8Philip GeorgeFriday Night WPS Social17Sat 13 Apr
8Tony CowburnCaught it!17Thu 4 Apr
8Trevor MorecraftExhibition up and running17Sun 28 Apr

Detailed results of the top five are as follows:

  • 1st John Rose’s LRPS panel, with 32 likes, posted by Carey on 21 April
    • Carey wrote:
      • Congratulations to John Rose, LRPS! What an achievement
  • 2nd Total Eclipse in Texas by Lilian Hobbs with 30 likes, posted on 9 April
    • Another impressive astronomical image from Lilian. She wrote
      • Total Eclipse in Texas today. It was very cloudy and then just before totality the clouds disappeared thank you 🙏 Olympus Om-1 mkii with 150-400
  • 3rd Corinne Kozok’s Skylark on Sunday with 26 likes, posted on 22 April.
    • One of three bird images by Corinne in the top fifteen, she wrote:
      • An action shot from my trip to see the skylarks on Sunday morning. They are little and fast, so it’s a good place to practise one’s fieldcraft skills..
  • 4th Trevor Morecraft’s Print Exhibition Framing with 22 likes, posted on 20 April
    • Trevor wrote:
      • Print exhibition framing in full flow
  • 5th Tony Large’s V&A, Dundee, posted on 23 April with 20 likes.
    • Tony wrote:
      • The shot you want, and I didn’t add the seagull!