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Note: When a post contains multiple images, Facebook maintains separate counts of likes for the post and for each of the images in the post.

We calculate the score for such a post by combining the list of members who liked the post with the name of those who liked any of the images and then eliminating duplicates. This gives the number of separate members who liked the post and/or one of its images. We use the COUNTA(UNIQUE()) spreadsheet formula.

2024-01 1st Mike Lane FIAP gold 31 likes

The clear winner for January 2024 was Mike Lane’s FIAP Gold Medal with 31 likes.

One mark separated the next four images

The top eight most liked posts for January 2024 are listed below

PositionMemberTitleLikesDate posted
1Mike LaneFIAP gold medal312 Jan 24
2James WestWaxwing at Romsey2426 Jan 24
2Peter OrrShort-eared owl2420 Jan 24
4Lilian HobbsMt Fuji2326 Jan 24
4Trevor MorecraftSheer Delight for enthusiasts231 Jan 24
6David MoormanStonehenge1919 Jan 24
7Corinne KozokRoyal Oak Passage, Winchester181 Jan 24
8Steve Baileytifa award176 Jan 24

Detailed results of the top five as follows:

  • 1st Mike Lane’s report of his FIAP Gold Medal success, with 31 likes, posted on 2 January.
    • Mike wrote:
      • New Year started with a great club outing yesterday on New year’s day. Then this morning this dropped through the post.
      • A FIAP Gold medal. These are nearly as rare as hen’s teeth!
  • 2nd= James West’s Waxwing at Romsey, with 24 likes, posted on 26 January
  • 2nd= Peter Orr’s short-eared owl, 24 likes, posted on 20 January
    • Peter wrote
      • A short-eared owl hunting in the last light of the day.
      • Nikon Z9, Nikon 800mm S, x1.4 converter, f9, 1/1000 sec, ISO 6400
  • 4th= Lilian Hobbs’ Mount Fuji with 23 likes, posted on 26 January
  • 4th= Trevor Morecraft’s Sheer Delight for Enthusiasts with 23 likes, posted on 1 January
    • Trevor wrote:
      • You can see the sheer delight on the faces of the enthusiasts as they ride the King Arthur vintage buses today.
  • 6th David Moorman’s Stonehenge with 19 likes, posted on 19 January
  • 7th Corinne Kozok’s Royal Oak Passage, Winchester, 18 likes, posted on 1 January
    • Corinne wrote:
      • It was good to see such a big group of WPS members out together today. It was a really nice start to the new year. I didn’t take too many pics, but I rather liked this one.
  • 8th Steve Bailey’s tifa Honourable Mention award, 17 likes, posted on 6 January
    • Steve wrote
      • Pleased to receive an ‘Honourable Mention’ in the 2023 Tokyo International Foto Awards

The top two most liked posts for December 2023 were drone shots by Trevor Morecraft and Tony Large.

Four of the top ten were from the late afternoon/night photoshoot at Marchwood on 28 December.

Two other “most liked” posts were recent winners of internal competitions. Trevor had two in the top ten, while Diane Gollowitzer and Deborah Gordon each had three in the top fourteen.

PlacingLikesMemberPosted onSubject
132TrevorMorecraft30-Dec-2023Southampton Container Port from 400ft.
228Tony Large17-Dec-2023Winchester Christmas Market
326Diane Gollowitzer19-Dec-2023Friday Feeling (Winner of the Christmas Knockout)
425Deborah Gordon18-Dec-2023Late afternoon fog tetraptych
425Deborah Gordon02-Dec-2023Game Keepers Bond iPhone 12
623James West29-Dec-20237 images from the Marchwood photooshoot
623Philip George29-Dec-20232 images from the Marchwood photooshoot
822Chrissi Travell06-Dec-2023University Challenge – Winchester. Chrissi Travell’s winning Set of Three (posted by Carey Wall)
921Sarah Townley22-Dec-2023Dreaming of a Wine Christmas
921Trevor Morecraft29-Dec-2023Night photography. Thanks all for coming along. We got lucky. Sunset, a rainbow and even a late arrival.
1120Diane Gollowitzer07-Dec-2023Dog and man silhouette: I haven’t seen any silhouettes posted in the group, submitted to any of the competitions (I’ve only attended 3), or published in the handbook 🤔 Any idea why? I love them
1219Deborah Gordon24-Dec-2023Merry Christmas frosty morning
1318Diane Gollowitzer01-Dec-2023Evee
1318Gavin Bowyer17-Dec-2023Monochromes from New York: Some superb opportunities in New York – enjoyed the Guggenheim Museum and the Rockefeller Centre. As well as photo opportunities when wandering the streets! What a number plate!

Detailed results of the top five as follows:

  • 1st Trevor Morecraft’s Southampton Container Port from 400ft with 32 likes, posted on 30 December.
    • Trevor wrote:
      • Southampton Container Port from 400ft last night. 9 shot panorama.
  • 2nd Tony Large’s Winchester Christmas Market with 28 likes, posted on 17 December2023
    • Tony wrote:
      • Finally managed to get back to the Christmas Market with lots of people in the shot after dusk tonight. Shot at 200′, to get the best view of the Market IMO.
  • 3rd Diane Gollowitzer’s Friday Feeling with 26 likes, posted on 19 December 2023
    • Diane wrote
      • I got a few questions about how I created the silhouette that (won the Christmas Knockout and) was shortlisted for the @britishphotographyawards in Pets and Domestic Animals category, so here it is
  • 4th Deborah Gordon’s Late Afternoon Fog tetraptych with 25 likes, posted on 18 December 2023
    • Deborah wrote wrote:
      • Late afternoon fog iPhone 12.
  • 4th Deborah Gordon’s Game Keepers Bond with 25 likes, posted on 2 December 2023
    • Deborah wrote wrote:
      • Game Keepers Bond iPhone 12.

The clear winner for the second successive month was Lilian Hobbs. Her ARPS panel received 45 likes.

Second with 35 likes was Diane Gollowitzer’s “Reggie in his Elements”, Highly Commended in PDI R2, a new edit of an image which had won a 2023 International Pet Photographer of the Year silver award.

Third was Trevor Morecraft’s aerial image of the BAC 1-11 fuselage being towed through the streets of Southampton on its way to the Solent Sky Museum, where it will be turned into a café. As well as being reproduced in several national and local newspapers and many other sites on the internet, this image had received 27 likes in our facebook group by the end of November. More likes are still coming in at the time of writing.

PlacingLikesMemberPosted onSubject
145Lilian Hobbs08-Nov-2023ARPS panel
235Diane Gollowitzer22-Nov-2023Reggie in his Elements
327Trevor Morecraft29-Nov-2023BAC-1-11 in Southampton
425Adrian Walmsley04-Nov-2023Rainy Thursday in Winchester
524Trevor Morecraft03-Nov-2023Queen Elizabeth leaving Portsmouth
623Philip George06-Nov-2023View from Blackwater bridge at Rhinefield
722Philip George08-Nov-2023Red v