Southern Counties Photographic Federation

WPS is affiliated to the Southern Counties Photographic Federation (SCPF) which was formed in 1963 to act as an umbrella organisation for all the camera clubs in the south of England. The SCPF in turn is affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) which represents the interests of clubs, sets policies and organises distinction accreditation for camera club members in the whole of Great Britain. We enter a national competition run by the PAGB called the GB Cup.

The SCPF, in addition to representing the interests of the clubs in the south-east of England to the wider photographic community, also organises and runs inter-club competitions and exhibitions for its members. The commonest, the ones that WPS enter regularly and the ones with the highest participation, are: Print League; PDI League; Annual Exhibition


The structure and approach for the two SCPF league competitions is broadly the same, there are a number of divisions, each with, on average, seven clubs per division. The only difference is that in the prints the images have to be transported between the clubs in the division in boxes and with the PDIs all the participating clubs in the division are sent a CD with all the images on to load on to their projection system.

For 2014-15 WPS are in Division 2 for prints and 3 for PDIs. At the start of the season each club selects what they consider to be their best eight images in each format from the photographers in their club for each League competition. There are specific rules over which images can be used and how many per photographer. During the season each club in the Division takes it in turn to host a judging evening where the packs of images from all the clubs in the division are assessed by an independent judge. On the judging evening the images are sorted randomly and the judge assesses and awards marks out of 10 for each one. At the end of the evening the points awarded for each image for each club are summed to give a club total. A Club’s rank at the end of each evening culminates in an overall position in the League. There is promotion for the top two and relegation for the bottom two.


The SCPF Exhibition again has a print section and a PDI section. In the prints clubs enter a panel of six images which are hung as two columns of three rows so the images have to match in terms of tonality and format (landscapes and portraits). Panels are assessed as a whole and individually with various prizes awarded.
For PDIs eight images are submitted

All of the submitted print panels are exhibited in the Salisbury library in January 2015. There is also a slide show of the PDI panels.


The SCPF Roll of Honour award is granted to a Club Member who has served 10 years or more, given loyal service to the Club with committee work, the general running of photography within the Club, as a judge or lecturer, or through service on the Council of the Federation. Three members of Winchester Photographic Society have been awarded this recognition:

  • David Taylor ARPS           20th Sept 2005
  • Phillip George                  21st Oct 2008
  • Anne Ruffell ARPS DPAGB 5th Jan 2013

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