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An archive of Society and relevant external newsletters for the current season is available below (newest item first). If you have any content that you wish to contribute to a future Society newsletter, please contact the Secretary or Treasurer. External newsletters are normally from either the Southern Counties Photographic Federation (SCPF) or the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB).

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September 2005 – Welcome to the New Season!


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Below are the Newsletters for the last six months.  Newsletters prior to these can be found on the relevant website via the attached links.

Feb 2916SCPF News
Jan 2016SCPF News (Jan 2016)
Dec 2015SCPF News
Nov 2015SCPF News
Sept 2015SCPF News
Aug 2015SCOF News
01/04/2015SCPF news (Apr 15)
01/03/2015SCPF news (Mar 15)
21/02/2016PAGB e-news 156
140/2//2016PAGB e-news 155
15/01/2016PAGB e-news 154
02/01/2016PAGB e-news 153
01/01/2015PAGB e-news 153 extra
20/12/2015PAGB e-news 152
19/12/2015PAGB e-news 151
18/12/2015PAGB e-news 151 extra
17/12/2015PAGB e-news 151 FIAP
02/12/2015 PAGB e-news 150
01/12/2015PAGB e-news 150 extra
PAGB e-news 149
31/10/2015 PAGB e-news 148
30/10/2015 PAGB e-news 148 extra
07/10/2015 PAGB e-news 147
06/10/2015PAGB e-news 147 extra
04/09/2015 PAGB e-news 146
03/09/2015PAGB e-news 146 extra






















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