SCPF Season Results 2023

SCPF Season Results 

Winchester came first in the print league so well done WPS, the individual photographers and the judging panel. Onwards and upwards!

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WPS wins SCPF 2023 Print League Division 1

Two years after WPS came top of the SCPF PDI League Division 1, we’ve struck gold again.

Thursday 23rd February saw the final round of the SCPF Print Division 1 judging.  This evening was hosted by Newbury Photography Club, with Jason Hyde judging.   

The Competitions Secretary draws together a panel to choose the images and this winning year it consisted of SCPF Judges – Gordon Brown, Glyn Paton, Peter Orr and Bob Hart plus our President Tony Large.

The gallery below shows the images that were in our panel, and their authors.

The competition was run over three months from November 2022 to February 2023, with each of the eight clubs in Division 1 hosting one round.

As you can see from the chart below, Winchester (blue line) took the lead after Round 2, and held on to first place through the remaining rounds.

Although we only won four of the eight rounds, our closest rivals, Chichester, who won three rounds, were often pushed into third place by Southampton, who did not win any rounds themselves.

And what happened after we won the PDI crown in 2021?
Don’t ask. We were relegated to Division 2 where, with one round to go, we are sitting in mid-table.

Bob Hart
Competitions Secretary

The winning WPS panel

Scores by round

How does the competition work?

At the beginning of each season, our Competition Secretary convenes a panel to select images to represent the society in the SCPF inter-club Print and PDI competitions – eight Prints and eight PDIs.

  • The SCPF member clubs are split into divisions of eight clubs.
  • The member clubs in each division take turns to host a round.
  • The same eight images take part in every round, but there is a different judge for each round.
  • The judges should be senior judges, at least SCPF Level 2.
  • They must apply the same scoring system
  • At the end of a round, the individual images scores are added up. The winning club takes 8 points, second place gets 7 points, down to last place which receives 1 point.
  • If there is a tie for any place, the club with the greater number of 10s in that round wins, and if equal on 10s, then the greater number of 9.5s, then 9.0s etc are taken into account.

   Scoring System

  1. Mark as Advanced Class
  2. Use a relative scale where each image is marked relative to one another
  3. Marks should range from 10 – 6 in half mark steps
  4. Images at base competence for advanced work score 6 (images below base competence may score less than 6)
  5. Images at the highest standard score 10
  6. At least one 6 and at least one 10

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