2020-21 PDI League Round 5

2020-21 PDI Round 5 – 20 April

Until further notice, we are holding all PDI (projected digital image) competitions online using GoToMeeting.

2020-21 PDI League Round 5

Judge: Martin Pickles

Martin Pickles is a member of Wokingham & East Berks CC.

He regularly judges SCPF club competitions. His promotion to SCPF Level 2 judging status was announced in August 2017.

Martin runs his own business, covering weddings and other events, giving lectures and selling fine art prints.

2020-21 PDI Round 5 – Winning and Held back entries

Click on any pane to see the winning and held back images in that class

A=Advanced, B=Beginners, G=Gold, I=Intermediate


  • 1st Terry Shipp Spectral Moorings
  • 2nd Damon Elliott Wild Winchester Peregrine Falcon
  • 3rd Richard Murphy Tokyo nightlife
  • C Jon Hawkins Watch House
  • C John Tierney Food Delivery

After a tense fight Damon held on to first place beating John Tierney and Terry Shipp by two points and so is the winner of the Williams Cup


  • 1st Karen Reeve Hellebore Flower
  • 2nd Lynette Clark The Red Arrows in Action
  • 3rd Tim Lever Corbiere Cloudscape
  • C Chrissi Travell Beauty of Nature
  • C Lilian Hobbs Busy Up There
  • C Jennifer Joel Another Day at the Office
  • C David Welchman Coppery emerald hummingbird

Karen makes a dramatic jump from fifth to first with a lovely final image beating Chris Elms and Tim Lever by one point.  Karen wins the Wessex Cup


  • 1st Alan Thompson LRPS Apparitions on Anglesey
  • 2nd Linda Gates LRPS Tulip Ballet
  • 3rd Jacquie Powell LRPS The arrival of Spring
  • C James West Travellers Rest Ahead – the Tan Hill Inn
  • C Andrew Buchanan Trio of Shaggy Incaps
  • C Jude Blackman To the Creek
  • C Barbara Lambert CPAGB Early Light

Matt Jones was well ahead in this Class and hung on to win by four points from Linda.  Matt wins Knight Cup


  • 1st Sarah Townley FRPS Collage of Grace
  • 2nd Ray Hems LRPS Dancing Cranes
  • 3rd Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB Saint Anthony inspired by Caravaggio
  • C Gavin Bowyer ARPS Shoebill Take Off
  • C Eric Blake LRPS Layers over the South Downs
  • C Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2* Hurst lighthouse between squalls

Roger holds on to top spot by four points from Ray Hems.  Roger retains the St Cross Bowl which he won last year.

This table will be updated with the results of each PDI round shortly after judging evenings.

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Uploading images

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You must upload your entry before the end of Wednesday 14 April

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