SCPF Season Results 2021

SCPF Season Results 

Reprinted from WPS Members Newsletter 296
14 March 2021

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Competition Secretary Gordon Brown writes:

Thursday 11th March saw the final round of the SCPF PDI Division 1 judging.  This evening was hosted by New Forest Camera Club, over Zoom of course, with Jon Mitchell judging.   

Your President Trevor and Vice President Roger both joined me, Competitions Secretary, on the Zoom meeting to witness the tense final round of judging.

Going in to this final round there were only two clubs capable of winning, us and Basingstoke. We were tied at the top on 33 points each.  New Forest were a distant third and couldn’t catch us. 

As the evening unfolded the three of us became more and more confident as Basingstoke’s images were scoring 8s and 8.5s and increasingly ours were being Held Back for the top scores.  

In the end we had one of our best nights that I can recall, eventually scoring 75, out of a possible 80, ending up 6.5 points ahead of the second club.  

It’s hard for me to explain just what an extraordinary result this is.  To try to put it in to perspective, there were only 5.5 points between the second club, Yateley, and the seventh; and, if we removed our lowest scoring image, we would still have been fourth ahead of three other clubs.  Also, in the first round of judging there was only 3.5 points between the first club and the seventh.

A few more statistics from the final round: Helen Otton, Roger Dixey and Peter Orr all scored  perfect 10s for their images, and Peter and Pete Whieldon scored 9.5s. Peter Orr’s “Old Man of Storr” image was the only one that the judge gave an immediate 10 to.  He said, there’s no point in holding at back, it’s gorgeous, an obvious 10.  In fact, to begin with, he didn’t say anything at all, he just sat and looked at it, then gave it a 10.  Our lowest score on the night was 8.5.

These are the images and the photographers that were in our panel.  An impressive result and an extremely hearty well done to you all.

Gordon Brown
Competitions Secretary

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