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5 October 2021 Robin Wilson

WPS Guest Speaker: Robin Wilson

Monitoring the environment From pretty pictures to scientific insights

Dr. Robin Wilson

Dr Robin Wilson is a freelance academic and data scientist with a PhD in satellite imaging and complex systems simulation.

His PhD won the RSPSoc (Remote Sensing and Programmetry Society) PhD Prize.

Robin led the team which produced humanitarian data in response to the 2015 Nepal earthquake, processing huge volumes of mobile phone records to analyse population mobility in the aftermath of the disaster, thus helping direct aid to the correct places. This project won a prize at the Global Mobile Awards in 2016.

He regularly gives talks to a range of audiences, including local science groups, schools and programming conferences.

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5 October 2021 Robin Wilson
Dr Robin Wilson

image acknowledgement rtwilson.com

About the talk

Hundreds of satellites orbit the Earth every day, collecting data that is used for monitoring almost all aspects of the environment.

This talk will introduce to us the world of satellite imaging, going beyond the ‘pretty pictures’ to the scientific data behind them, and show how the data can be applied to monitor plant growth, air pollution and more.

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