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Society Competition Evening 2022

Society Competition Evening 2022

Tuesday 19 April

Judge: Glyn Paton LRPS, CPAGB

Glyn replaces the originally advertised judge, Caroline Colegate ARPS APAGB, who is unable to attend

Location: The ARC, Winchester

About the Competitions

There are four competitions tonight; two print competitions and two PDI competitions.

Members may enter as many or as few of the four competitions as they wish.

See About for details.


On 19 April we have our ever popular Society Evening.  This is a light-hearted evening of themed competitions.

In a change from the normal League competition evenings where you compete in your classes, there are four separate competitions, each open to all members.

The entries in each competition must comply with the relevant guidelines described in the first section of Advice for WPS Competitions.

Members may enter one image in each competition.

The competitions are

Themed Competition (Print)

This year the theme is Wet

Portrait (Print)

A portrait of a person, or a number of people, who must be the main feature of the image

Creative Cup (PDI)

For an innovative image based on one or more of the author’s photographs.

It should be original, creative and avant-garde, originating from the camera and the photographer’s imagination. No limits!

Greg’s Egg Cup – Humour (PDI)

For a visually humorous image, with an appropriate title to add to the fun.

Technical quality is only a secondary consideration.

Glyn Paton should need no introduction to members.

He is an SCPF Level 2 judge.

He was WPS President for the 2018-19 season,

His excellent image “The Smoking Cardplayer” was used on the front cover of the 2017-18 Handbook.

For several seasons he ran the PAGB awards group, helping members achieve CPAGB or DPAGB awards.

His “Holy Beggar” image won first prize in Class A: People in the 2017 Winchester National Exhibition.

More about Glyn

Members please login to display joining details

Winning and Held Back images

Theme – Wet

1. Helen Otton Sea Beyond the Rain
2. Eric Blake Wish I’d Bought a Cat
3. Dan Cowen Splash
HC  Mike Lane Fairy Falls
HC  Sarah Townley Girls Having Fun
HC  Corinne Kozok Shake it Off
HB Gordon Brown Raindrops on Pine Needles
HB Adrian Walmsley Water you waiting for


1.  Chris Maidens The Start Of Spring
2.  Kelly Long Gold
3.  Sarah Townley Thistle
HC  Kate Dunlop Anxiety In Technicolour
HC  Helen Otton Safe Passage
HC  Bob Allen After the storm
HB Linda Gates Tulip Encore
HB Pat Goodall Ascending
HB Terry Shipp Train Trip


1.  Dan Cowen Old Joe
2.  Trevor Morecraft Shades of Purple
3.  Sarah Townley Getting on a bit
HC  Gordon Brown Plaster’s mate
HC  Tony Smith The Farmers Wife, South Vietnam
HC  Corinne Kozok Windswept


1.  Ray Hems   Passing Place
2.  Steve Govan  Waiting for Southern Trains
3.  Tony Large  Always someone in the way!
HB Helen Otton_Hey you Tit – Where’s your Camouflage Coat!
HB Lynette Clark This WAS on my bucket list.
HB Mike Lane Saved by the Tree
HB Rob Harris Repurposed
HB Roger Clark Be honest! Does my butt look big in my new suit
HB Sarah Townley C’mon where’s the grub …
HB Terry Shipp Jedward spotted playing hide and seek

Winning and Held Back images

Subject to confirmation by the Competition Secretary.

If you spot any mistakes, please tell the webmaster. If you’re logged in, you can use the comment form.

Theme: Abandoned

  • 1st:   Linda Gates Abandoned In The Potting Shed
  • 2nd: Jude Blackman Cast-Off
  • 3rd:  Pat Goodall Ghost Train
  • Highly Commended
  • Sarah Townley Someone will find you
  • Mike Roe Seen Better Days
  • Gordon Brown No longer required
  • Bob Allen Abandoned in COVID
  • Helen Otton The Desolate Beauty of an Abandoned Farm
  • John Tierney End Of The Road
  • Roger Dixey Birnbeck Pier
  • Steve Russell Infected Planet
  • Tony Smith Abandoned in Kathmandu
  • Angela Cook Deserted home


  • 1st:  Steve Russell Creativity is a Puzzle
  • 2nd:  Chris Maidens Acceleration
  • 3rd:  Gavin Bowyer Purple Gladioli
  • Highly Commended
  • Tony Smith Rhone Delta Carmargues
  • Ray Hems Burano Reflections
  • Kelly Long Flyby Venice
  • Sarah Townley God is a Woman


  • 1st:  Eric Blake Lockdown Steve
  • 2nd:  Helen Otton The Cowboy
  • 3rd:  Ray Hems Furnace Feeder in a Sugar Cane Factory
  • Highly Commended
  • Martin Farrow Tree Surgeon
  • Jude Blackman Melancholy
  • Adrian Binney Hoi An character
  • David McKibbin Street Portrait of a Friendly Stranger
  • Mike Lane Elegance in Nepal
  • Tony Smith Mothers little helper

Greg’s Egg Cup

  • 1st:  Sarah Townley It was this big .. !
  • 2nd:  John Tierney Err Excuse Me. That’s Mine!
  • 3rd:  Angela Cook There is no eggscape!

For a list of the winners and held back images from 2020, see Society Evening 2020 Results

Judge: Caroline Colegate ARPS, APAGB

Caroline is one of the top judges on the SCPF circuit and is a frequent and welcome visitor to Winchester.

She was one of the panel of three judges for the 2019 Winchester National Exhibition.

Her most recent visit was virtual. In March 2021 she was our online judge for 2020-21 PDI League Round 4

Caroline Colegate is a longstanding member of Bracknell Camera Club where she was Programme Secretary for 17 years and President from 2008 until 2019.

She is a senior (Level 3) judge on the SCPF circuit, and was awarded an SCPF Roll of Honour in 2013. She writes

I am passionate about the quality of images and play an active role in coaching people to achieve both RPS and PAGB distinctions. In 2002 I became a judge for the Southern Counties Photographic Federation (SCPF) and in 2017 I was accepted onto the PAGB list.

I am currently a member of the SCPF Judging Sub Committee and am involved with the vetting and assessing of applications from potential new judges

from http://bracknell-camera-club.co.uk/our-judges

250 x 262 Caroline Colegate crop 1
Caroline Colegate ARPS, APAGB

To Enter

  • Go to PhotoEntry
  • For the PDI competitions, upload your entry (one for each competition you enter)
  • For each Print competition that you want to enter, register your entry by uploading a digital image. Then bring your print along on the night. If you can’t come on the night, ask a friend to take it for you or use one of the drop-off points.

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