18 Jan 2022 – Ken Scott

WPS Guest Speaker – Ken Scott ARPS MBPsS

The Joy of Seeing – An Introduction to Mindfulness and Photography

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Ken Scott

Ken Scott – Photographer, Coach, Speaker, Adventurer
Photo credit – Yvette Gorman Photography

Ken is a long-standing member of Steyning Camera Club and a PAGB judge. He leads the Judging Advisory Team for the SCPF where he devised a new programme for training and mentoring judges.

He is a popular workshop leader and has been running his own workshops in France and Spain for a number of years.

He has visited WPS as a judge (2014/15 Print Round 5) and as a speaker (Walking the Coast of Britain in 2017).

He became well-known though his talk “Touching the Light” about mountain photography which he describes as his headline presentation and which has been his photographic brand since 1998.

Ken about himself

In his LikedIn profile, Ken describes himself as

a freelance training and development professional with business teams and individuals, specialising in Leadership and skills development programmes, and in creative retreats.

In my work I coach the things I love doing and that I know about: business and personal skills, sports, and photography as an art and as an expressive personal development outlet.

The Joy of Seeing

Mindfulness is, at its simplest, an awareness of the present moment – “wherever you are, there you are.” It is also recognised as a highly effective practice for wellbeing, very apt in these difficult times. We all intuitively understand that when the mind is still and free from worry and distraction, we can become more receptive and creative.


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