WPS Centenary Planning

Vice-President Gordon Brown writes:

We would welcome any and all ideas from members on:

What should the centenary season look like?

How should we celebrate?

Who would you like to have come and talk to us?

What specific types of evening you’d like to see

A small team has already been meeting for a while to formulate some broad policies and ideas for the 2023-24 season.  

We now want to get into the detail and specifics of the season, what it will look like and who we might engage to speak.  

The committee has a number of ideas at the moment but we very much want to hear from the membership for your input, your thoughts, your suggestions.  It’s your Society.  

These can be for Tuesday nights or other events during the season.

Please send your suggestions to:  ku.co1721677974sotoh1721677974pniw@1721677974tnedi1721677974serp1721677974 as soon as you can but any time over the next year. 

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