2022 Autumn Lectures

For the current season we are continuing to live-stream our meetings for the benefit of members who are still minimising their exposure to infection because they or a close family member are extremely vulnerable. It also helps those who are unable to attend in person for other reasons.

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One Man and His Van

With his unique style Tony Gervis returns to WPS documenting a solo journey in his campervan, through Europe, Iran, Turkmenistan, 4 other Stans, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and many more. Total 22000 miles in 3 months.

About Tony

Tony is a long standing member of Worcestershire Camera Club, and a frequent guest speaker at camera clubs around the country.

He describes himself as “A passionate traveller and photographer who, being able to do both in abundance, lives an idyllic life.”

After visiting the USA almost annually for several years, before the pandemic he had been spending more time in the former republics of the USSR.

He has had and been offered commissions with Dorling Kindersley and The National Geographic as well as running photographic workshops in America.

He gained his FRPS with a panel of images taken inside the now well known “Slot Canyons”.

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