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1 December – Panels Group Presentation

Panels Group Presentation

Panels Group Presentation

About the Panels Group

(taken from the 2020-21 Handbook)

Working with sets of images rather than one single image gives a greater scope for exploring subjects and narratives, allowing for a wider and deeper interpretation.

The Panels Group facilitates this by having no rules or restrictions on your choice of images.

Diversity of presentational style is encouraged, whether as mounted or unmounted prints or book form.

We welcome work in progress.

The idea is to have fun, explore, be creative and experiment in a friendly and collaborative environment.

Bi-monthly meetings provide a forum for discussion, without the constraints of competition or judging. Topics are often set, or attendees can bring any other panel for discussion. The group also offers support for members working towards distinctions.

The Panels Group is open to all WPS members. There are no sign-up sheets: just turn up with your panel or as an observer to see what goes on.

Each year there is a Panels Group presentation evening within the society’s main programme.

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