13 October – Alison Baskerville

WPS Guest Speaker – Alison Baskerville

Photography and Representation

Alison Baskerville

Alison is a British documentary photographer, with experience in the British Army with Tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Formerly a soldier herself, her photography has covered aspects of military life, particularly featuring the role and images of women in the military. Her work reflects on important contemporary issues such as gender equality, military occupation, female identity in the forces, and the long-term consequences of armed conflict.

This links to a video on alisonbaskerville.co.uk/Information where Alison talks about herself and her work.

13 October – Alison Baskerville – watch again

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All images ©Alison Baskerville

For many more of Alison’s images, see alisonbaskerville.co.uk/Work

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