WPS Programme September 2020

The Exciting New New Programme for WPS 2020-21

No, that’s not a typo’, this really is a new “new programme”. As many of you will be aware, Mark McLaren, last year’s Programme Secretary, had put together a superb range of speakers for the coming season.

I’m afraid that the Covid-19 situation has had an impact on that!

Several speakers have been reluctant to switch to an online lecture, preferring to defer until such time as we can meet “properly”.

That certainly won’t be in 2020, so I’ve put together a replacement programme, which you’ll hear more about on our opening night, and on this website. Rest assured, we have a varied, broad and interesting programme of speakers, all prepared to present in an online format.

WPS Programme September 2020

This is a taster of what’s to come on the Tuesday evenings in our first month of the season, September 2020.

WPS Programme September 2020

Opening Evening

Welcome back, an evening of information about the Society, what’s on offer, and a look at some of the successful photographic work from last season’s leagues winners.

“Seeing Beyond the Viewfinder”.

Roger will talk about making pictures which will engage and connect by using composition and creativity.

To see some of Roger’s successful competition images visit our Internal Competition Image Archive and search on Dixey.

Landscape and Iceland

Jeremy is an award-winning professional photographer specialising in high quality landscape and location photography from around the world for use by advertising, design and corporate clients. www.jeremywalker.co.uk

Creative Photography

John is a creative photographer I’ve been asking to come to WPS for several years – and now he can, online. He will cover approaches to developing a photographic style that is personal, different, and distinctive.
• What is creative photography?
• The rules of photography – and when to break them
• Using movement, blurring and distortion
• Toning & split toning
• Finding abstract images
• Key software techniques

Looking Local

As photographers, we often suffer from “Locational Myopia”, constantly wishing we were in some exotic location with the best possible equipment. 

In this talk Chris details his fight with that short-sightedness and ways to overcome it as well as personal journey to become a landscape photographer.


For full details of the WPS Programme September 2020, see Main Programme, where any programme changes will be shown

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