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WPS Annual Exhibition Evening

WPS: Annual Exhibition Evening – Viewing, Awards

Tuesday 16 March 2021

Free Glass of Wine!?

As you’ll be aware, the Exhibition is online rather than in person this year.

In the Covid-restricted times we’re trying to make the best of it, appreciating that you’d like to be walking around a gallery with good friends and a glass of wine looking at some fantastic prints.

We can however, offer a Tuesday evening in which we’ll view all of the accepted images, some 250+ pictures.

Geoff Sharman will give an overview of the process and results for this year.

The winners in each class will also be giving us some background to their winning image – it’s great to have a “show and tell” from so many successful photographers.

Do come and join us, through GoToMeeting in the usual way.

That free glass of wine?

Well, in the comfort of your own home, pop to your wine rack or fridge, choose a bottle, open it and pour a large glass as you settle down at 7:30. There’s a chance of another free glass at half time!


Gavin Bowyer

WPS: Annual Members Exhibition – Viewing, Awards

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