2020-21 Opening Night Presentation

About the evening

Held online for the first time, our 2020-21 Opening Night on Tuesday 1 September covered the traditional topics:

  • A warm welcome to new and returning members,
  • An introduction to the meeting programme, specially rearranged to be online only because of Covid-19 restrictions. This will probably be until at least Christmas,
  • Information about the Society’s Competitions and Exhibitions,
  • Introduction to our special interest groups, catering for a wide range of interests from Beginners to Enhanced Reality techniques,
  • Training, outings and workshops,
  • Last season’s competition winners giving a few hints about how they achieved their successes.

President Trevor Morecraft, acting as our genial Master of Ceremonies, had threatened us with 348 “death by PowerPoint” slides but managed less than 20% of that number.

He did, however, note that there was far too much information for members to remember.

So we are reproducing the slides here for members who want to refresh their memory or who weren’t able to attend the online event.

2020-21 Opening Night Presentation slides

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