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Society Evening 2020 Results

Society Evening 2020

Judge: Jason Hyde

Winners and Held Back Images by section


(originally published on WPS Facebook Group)

Theme Competition – Song Titles

1 Jude Blackman – Can’t take my eyes off you

2 John Tierney – I am sailing

3 Helen Otton – A Horse with no name

HB David McKibbin – Addicted to the Beat

HB Roger Clark – Simply the Best

HB Lynette Clark – Up Up and Away in my Beautiful Balloon

HB Trevor Morecraft – Kissing with Confidence

HB Bob Hart – I’m just sitting watching flowers in the rain

HB Dan Cowen – Under Pressure

HB Richard Murphy – Guitar Man

HB Jill North – River Deep, Mountain High


1 Graham Barber – Taking aim

2 Eric Blake – Nicola

3 Sarah Townley – Past His best

HB Mike Lane – Hanna

HB Dan Cowen – It’s Been a Hard Day

HB Jacquie Powell – Father and Son

HB Gavin Bowyer – Viv, Strong in Adversity

HB Philip George – The Girl in The Street


1 Kelly Long – The Spirit of Freedom

2 Gavin Bowyer – Red Gladioli

3 Roger Dixey – Armageddon

HB Barbara Lambert – Lights Camera Action

HB Trevor Morecraft – Antony Gormley Distorted

HB Tim Lever – Sketch for a Public Space

HB Helen Otton – Go Your Own Way when All Around is a Blur


1 Jude Blackman – Goodbye Mum

2 Gordon Brown – Elegantly Climbs Aboard

3 Jill North – Welcome at Number Six

HB Mike Lane – Lucky the Tree was here

HB Corinne Kozok – I’ve heard it all before

HB Richard Murphy – Son Impressed by Icelandic Town Name

HB Jeff Johnson – Monkey Hygiene

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