WPS 2017/18 PDI League Competition Results

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2017 to 2018  Date  Judge
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PDI Round 1 Tuesday 3 October 2017 Graeme Sleeman
PDI Round 2 Tuesday 7 November 2017 Derek Gale

PDI Round 3
Transport was the set topic for this round.

 Tuesday 12 December 2017 Brian Burden LRPS
PDI Round 4 Tuesday 20 February 2018 Geoff Roberts LBIPP LMPA LNPS
PDI Round 5 Tuesday 20 March 2018 Ruari Cumming ARPS


Helen Otton6345119
Sue Birtwistle0264517
Brian Holloway3133616
John Burke3421414
Louise Venimore3611112
Bernice Hill5213011
Stephanie Patterson1116110
Tim Morton113319
Ben Sharman151108
Dan Cowen312118
Chrissi Travell131117
Bob Allen005016
Paul Morey420006
Geraldine Guthrie112116
Bob Henley111036
Maurice Jones110035
Roger Holtby103004
Sylvia Shankland013004
Chloe Marchese000303
Stella Chandler102003
Christine Landale000123
Lewis Desforges020002
David Carlin100001
Stephen Line10</