Photography News Competition R3

Photography News Camera Club of the Year

Photography News, the free paper that we get at the club, has launched a competition for camera clubs.  The first prize is a Canon projector and a workshop with David Noton.

The competition runs over five months with a different theme each month that each photograph will be judged against.  Each club will be asked to submit five images from five different photgraphers in their membership.  The newspaper’s judges will mark each image out of 20 giving the club a score out of 100.  At the end of the five competitons the club with the most points will win the prize.  

Each month I will make announcements on the club night and on this page about the next theme and call for you to upload your candidate images from which the Committee will make the final submission to represent our Society.

I have read through the competition’s terms and conditions, here, and the one that pertains to the copyright of your image(s) says this:

6. Copyright in all images submitted for this competition remains with the respective entrants. However, in consideration of their providing the competition, each entrant grants a worldwide, free, irrevocable, perpetual licence to Bright Publishing Ltd and Canon UK to feature any or all of the submitted images in any of their publications, their websites and/or in any promotional material connected to this competition. Each entrant also grants a worldwide, free, irrevocable, perpetual licence to Canon UK to feature any or all of the submitted images on their loveDSLR.com website.

This means the publishing company and Canon can use your image for some free advertising but only relating to this competition and use it on their loveDSLR.com website

Please, only upload your image(s) if you are happy to comply with this condition.

Below is the upload tool. If you have not used it before please first read the instructions and see the diagrams further down the page. 

The theme for the third month, Feburary, is Close up The closing date for getting your entries uploaded is Saturday 28th Feburary.

Note the naming and size rules below.

The Upload is now closed for round 3.

The rules for this competition, set by the organisers, require your image(s) to be a jpeg, resized to 72 dpi and 1500 pixels on the long edge with this naming convention:

  • your name_image title.jpg


  • your name is:  Martin Rendall
  • image title is:  My Best Sunset
  • giving a name of: Martin Rendall_My Best Sunset.jpg

I’m sorry but I do not have the time to research unnamed images or to resize your image(s) for you so I will have to reject anything that does not comply.

So to recap:

  • This month’s theme is Close up
  • Please send me up to five images to choose from
  • Resize to a 72 dpi jpeg
  • 1500 pixels on the long edge
  • Rename the image: your name_image title.jpg
  • Don’t forget to logoff when finished



There is further help on the Tutorials and advice page.

For example, Resizing Digital Images for Projecting .  Also see Advice on Entering Internal WPS Competitions


The upload instructions

You can rename or delete the file after you have uploaded it. It is possible to upload more than one file.

These examples are from the WPS League PDI upload so make sure you follow the naming rules for “Photography News” and not the WPS League.

This is what the tool should look like initially. 
The images below show what to do and give some explanations of the parts of the upload tool.

NOTE if you have an Apple computer you may see the button labelled as “Choose File” instead of “Browse”

 L U H 1 PDI 
 Below is example of what the tool should look like after you have uploaded your image file.

Note, seeing the icon of your file is confirmation that it has been successfully uploaded to the WPS server.

L U H 2 PDI 
Having uploaded your image file, remember to log out.

You must log out, not just close the browser or you may be unable to log in again.



Making Changes

You can rename the file after you have uploaded it.

 L U H 3 changes1 PDI 
 L U H 4 changes2 PDI 
 L U H 5 changes3 PDI 


To delete your file 
L U H 6 changes4 PDI 
Having deleted the file it will disappear from the display 

 Remember to logoff when finished.

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