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Christmas Knockout 14 December 2021

2021 Christmas Knockout

Judge: the members

Christmas Knockout 14 December 2021
Sing-Song by Viv Brett

Following tradition, the Christmas Knockout 14 December 2021 will be a light-hearted competition.

It’s usually held as part of our Christmas Social evening in the Discovery Centre. But even if the social and festive food are not possible this year, we plan to go ahead with the Christmas Knockout in the Hampshire Record Office cinema.

How it works

Members may enter up to four PDI images.

The images are projected in pairs in a randomised order.

Members vote for their favourite of each pair.

Gradually images are knocked out until just one – the winner – remains.

Images entered into this competition can be entered into league competitions.

For this competition, members could submit up to four images.

When entries closed, 31 members had submitted, between them, 111 images.

This was a knockout competition and we show here the images which made the quarter finals (or the “round of eight”).

There were no runoffs for the minor placings, so the quarterfinalists who did not progress are shown as fifth equal, and the semifinalists as third equal.

Congratulations to all who took part, especially James West who came first and second, and Ian Blanchett who had three images in the last eight.

Winning and Highest placed images from 2014

Among the archived images from the old WPS website, your webmaster could only find the results from the Christmas Knockout of 2014, which include a lovely Christmas Card from Viv Brett.

Not shown – date is past

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