Monthly League Competitions


Five monthly competitions are held during the season for each of Prints and PDIs. Each member may enter one image. Points are awarded in each competition as follows: 1st place – 6 points; 2nd place – 5 points; 3rd place – 4 points, Highly Commended – 3 points, Held Back – 2 points and Unplaced – 1 point.

Points are accumulated throughout the season on a league basis. At the end of the season a trophy is awarded to the winner of each league. Should a tie occur on overall points, the tiebreak rules apply: number of 1st places, number of 2nd places. If there is still a tie the trophy is shared.

The Monthly League Tables and Competition results will appear on the notice board and the website throughout the season.

There are no set subjects or themes to the League competitions so members may enter what they like provided the image respects human dignity, is not discriminatory and is not politically controversial.  One round in the Print League will be deemed to be for monochrome images.


Competition Classes

The monthly league competitions are divided into three classes:

• The Beginners’ class is for those members that are developing their compositional and technical skills and gaining confidence with their equipment.
• The Intermediate and Advanced classes are for more experienced members and for holders of national photographic qualifications or distinctions.

Members will automatically progress to the next class in the subsequent season by winning trophies or gaining a national photographic award. Members may enter a higher class if they wish.

At the start of each season the Committee will publish which class each member is in based on a number of factors such as: photographer’s wishes, the previous season’s results, perceived progress photographically and any recent qualifications. Members remain in their class for the whole season.

New members can discuss which class it is best to enter with the Competition Secretary or another Committee Member.

Click here for the The Monthly Competition Entry Form.


The following trophies are awarded:

BeginnersPresident’s CupWilliams Cup
IntermediateSymonds CupWessex Cup
AdvancedRichardson CupKnight Cup





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