Dunelm Trophy

This is for a sequence of pictures set to suitable soundtrack (music or spoken) in digital format. Members may enter a maximum of 2 sequences. Specific requirements are:-

• The maximum duration of the sequence is 5 minutes.

• It is preferable that sequences are compiled using “PicturesToExe” or “ProShow” software, although any other program that does not require the Society to load specific software is acceptable.

• Entries should be in a self-executable “.exe” file suitable for running on the Society’s Windows-based Laptop computer.

• Sequences must be submitted to the Projected Image Competition Secretary, no later than the Tuesday one week prior to the competition on CD or small Portable USB drive. CD-RW (rewrite) should not be used.

• The name of the entrant must not appear anywhere within the presentation.

• Sequences must not have been entered on a previous occasions

Entries that do not comply with these criteria are not eligible and will not be projected.

Further information can be obtained from the WPS AV Group Leader (ku.oc1716787780.coso1716787780tohpn1716787780iw@va1716787780)


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