Picture of the Year 2023

(formerly Best of the Best)

Tuesday 30 May, 2023. 7:30pm in the Arc, Winchester

This end-of-season special event takes the top two images from each of the five rounds in the Print and PDI Leagues, making 40 prints and 40 PDIs.

Entries from all four classes (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Gold) compete against each other to decide the season’s “Picture of the Year” ((one Print and one PDI).

Selected from the first and second images in each round of the PDI and Print leagues.


Winner of St. Catherine’s Cup for Print of the Year is Steve Govan for A Trio of Lilies

Winner of St. Giles’ Cup for PDI of the year is Glyn Paton ARPS DPAGB for Storm Surfer.

Print of the Year 2023

PositionLeague ResultAuthorTitle
1st2022-23_PRN_R3_A_1stSteve GovanA Trio of Lilies
2nd2022-23_PRN_R4_G_2ndLinda GatesThe Bothy Window
3rd2022-23_PRN R1_A_2ndSarah StrangeThe Coy Pup

PDI of the Year 2023

PositionLeague ResultAuthorTitle
1st2022-23_PDI_R4_G_1stGlyn PatonStorm Surfer
2nd2022-23_PDI_R2_I_1stDamon ElliottSoldier Beetle on Knapweed
3rd2022-23_PDI_R3_A_2ndIan PorterNemesis

All images eligible for the 2023 Picture of the Year competition

File name prefixes (where present) refer to the results on the night:

HB – Held Back

N – Not held back

O – omitted and not judged because

  • the print was not available on the night

You can see the placed, commended and held back images from each round in the Internal Competition Archive

Judge: Jim Pascoe BA ABIPP ARPS

About Jim

©Jim Pascoe

Following a short spell in the Royal Navy, seven years at Standard Life, and five years at Stonehenge Cycles (a passionate cyclist), Jim decided on a career change to follow his love of photography.

In 1998, Jim graduated from Salisbury College – acknowledged as one of the leading photography colleges in the UK – with an HND and a BA(Hons) in Professional Communication(Photography).

Jim is a long-standing member of and a former chairman and vice-chairman of Highcliffe & Infinity Photography Club.

With his wife Nicky, also an experienced photographer, he has been running Jim Pascoe Photography since 1998.

He is a frequent and welcome visitor to WPS, and an experienced SCPF Level 3 judge.

Recent visits include judging 2021-22 Print Round 4, and the Competition Night on 19 January 2021 which included the Set of Three and the George Walsh Trophy awards. He was one of the judges for our 2024 Annual Exhibition.

He was also our guest speaker on 13 April 2021, when we were meeting online because of the pandemic.


Jim Pascoe Photography

Jim’s LinkedIn profile

Last updated 2 April 2024


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