Picture of the Year 2023

(formerly Best of the Best)

Tuesday 30 May, 2023. 7:30pm in the Arc, Winchester

This end-of-season special event takes the top two images from each of the five rounds in the Print and PDI Leagues, making 40 prints and 40 PDIs.

Entries from all four classes (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Gold) compete against each other to decide the season’s “Picture of the Year” ((one Print and one PDI).

Selected from the first and second images in each round of the PDI and Print leagues.


Winner of St. Catherine’s Cup for Print of the Year is Steve Govan for A Trio of Lilies

Winner of St. Giles’ Cup for PDI of the year is Glyn Paton ARPS DPAGB for Storm Surfer.