My Membership Online

My Membership Online

We have collected a few Q&As to help answer questions about the new system.

As we gain experience with it, we may update or extend this list.

Option 1 – Integrated version

On this website, on the main navigation menu, look under Membership/My Membership

Click the link to Membership system home page which takes you to:

Option 2 – standalone version

If this is your first time, you need to activate your membership account by setting a password.

Follow the instructions under Usage Notes below.

Much of the subscription management software on the web is not particularly aimed at the UK market.

WebCollect is UK based and has been providing membership management solutions to Clubs and Societies since 2010. They say:

We are passionate about clubs and societies, being members of over 20 organisations between us. As members, we know how hard it is to remember to take your chequebook along to pay the entry fee for the kids’ swimming gala, or buy tickets for the Christmas party. As committee members, we also know how hard the membership secretaries work to manage membership lists and collect in subs.

For us,

  • The new system should make life much easier for our Treasurer and Membership secretary.
  • It should make subscription payment and renewal easier for members
  • The process for managing, attending and paying for workshops and outings should be more straightforward for organisers and attendees.

There is a fee but it’s affordable and the benefits are significant.

WebCollect say:

Your WebCollect pages are displayed within your website.

Members can browse through the WebCollect pages, without leaving your site. Once they get to the secure checkout pages, the page breaks out into the WebCollect site for security reasons.

Embedding the WebCollect pages within your organisation’s website provides a smooth and seamless experience for your members whilst browsing your events or membership subscriptions.

If you continue browsing the main website after you have logged into the membership system, you can view the imbedded WPS event calendar other pages. WebCollect knows you are logged on, so it will display all events, pubic and members-only.

The preferred method for payment, especially subscriptions, is a bank transfer because we incur no fees; the Paypal fee is around £2.75 for a subscription.

It’s also much easier to reconcile bank transactions than PayPal ones.

If you cannot do a bank transfer, then please contact the membership secretary who will advise how PayPal can be used for your subscription. 

Usage notes from our Treasurer and Membership Secretary, Lilian Hobbs

Members should have received these by email, but we reproduce them here for convenience.

Click on the little icon top right to view in a separate window.

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