27 October – Jade Stacy Maria

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WPS Guest Speaker – Jade Stacy Maria

Shooting Models on Location

Jade is a Fashion model most of her time and she specialises in (surprise surprise) location shooting. She has shot extensively, across the world, with her partner James Kerwen. James presented his fascinating talk on “Decadence and Architectural Photography” to WPS in April, back at the start of lockdown – Jade featured in several of his pictures.

Jade is presenting to camera clubs, online, from Georgia. Jade’s talk has been going down very well; it has had some amazing feedback.

Jade’s presentation features lots of work with James – shot together in hidden and remote locations across the planet in the last few years, as well as much simpler stuff, such as tips on using coffee shops, bars and parks to your advantage.

It’s something different! Come and be exposed to another genre and set of skills in photography.

27 October - Jade Stacy Maria

27 October - Jade Stacy MariaJade writes:

My name is Jade Stacy Maria and I am a fashion and fine art model of almost 8 years who specialises in shooting predominantly on location. I have extensive experience in scouting and working within all types of locations from Namibian deserts and radioactive exclusion zones to Costa coffee shops, Instagram worthy cocktail bars and an array of abandoned architecture all over the world.

As well as the location scouting, I enjoy building set designs and styling outfits specifically to the location and with just a few simple props or effects I am able to create unique shots.

My talk consists of an Informative and easy to follow presentation on shooting models on location whilst maximising the potential of the results you can achieve on said location.

We cover a range of subjects such as how to approach a model for a location shoot and colour theory to implementing simple additions such as props, subjects and set designs. I also include recommendations for inspiration as well as tips on location finding.

In this talk we cover a range of subjects such as

  • Approaching Models for Location shoots
  • Location vs Studio pros & cons of each
  • Location Finding
  • Complementary colours & colour matching
  • Implementing props, subjects and set design
  • Scale
  • Inspiration

Please see below links to my social media handles and a link to my online portfolio.

Instagram: jade_stacy_maria
Facebook: Jade Stacy Maria Brimfield
Purpleport: http://purpleport.com/portfolio/jadestacymaria/?referrer=jadestacymaria

27 October – Jade Stacy Maria – watch again

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