Enhanced Reality Group Nov 2020

Tutorial – Sky replacement and making reflections

Group leader Roger Dixey wrote:

The first session on 11 November will look at sky replacement and making reflections.

We will make use of the selection tool to cut out parts of an image.  We will look at techniques for blending images using blending modes, particularly Hard Light, Soft Light and Multiply.  We will see how to create realistic reflections by reflecting part of an image and making realistic ripples in the reflection.  

So as usual we will cover some of the techniques I have demonstrated before together with some new ideas to create a photomontage image.

I will demonstrate how I used these techniques for this entry in Print League Round 2.  

Roger Dixey

Enhanced Reality Group Leader

Winchester Photographic Society

Watch again link for members

If you are a member and couldn’t watch the live streamed session on 11 November, or if you did watch it and would like to watch it again, Use the link below.

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This expands on some of the techniques showcased in Roger Dixey Online – Roger’s talk on 8 September 2020

See also Roger Dixey’s website

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