WPS 2016/17 Print League Competition Results

2016/17 Print League Competition ResultsGo to the 2016/17 PDI League Competition Results
Round 1 JudgeMatthew WhiteTuesday 18 October 2016
Round 2 JudgeDr Barry Senior HonFRPS APAGBTuesday 6 December 2016
Round 3 JudgeRuari Cumming ARPSTuesday 14 February 2017
Round 4 JudgeGiles Barkley
“Urban Shapes” was the set topic for this round
Tuesday 7 March 2017
Round 5 JudgeKeven SandallTuesday 25 April 2017

Those with Images, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Highly Commended, or Held Back please upload the PDI versions with the Winning/Placed Print upload page which is above the PDI League upload page. (You need to logon to see the pages)

Please note.

We are still waiting for some of the images to be provided from Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Winning images by round

A= Advanced, B= Beginners, I= Intermediate

Scores by round

Gavin Mann0365418
Lynette Clark1343617
John Burke1651114
Robin Shaw3411514
Carey Wall4502112
Rob Harris000639
Stephen Line311218
Philip Conway001427
John Manning-Smith510006
Martin Rist600006
Simon Davis210306
Adrian Walmsley310116
Geraldine Guthrie103116
Stephanie Patterson110136
Frances Lowe101002
Christine Smith010102
Philip Gooding001102
Bernice Hill100001
Bryce Richardson100001
Lucy Tucker100001
Gay Hopkins001001
Tony Cowburn6163521
Tina Smith5153620
Bijen Gurung3341314
Dawn Blight LRPS3215213
Mario Brown4511112
Mike Roe1424112
Mike Shaw1610412
Gavin Bowyer LRPS1331210
Jacquie Powell331119
Jill North LRPS113319
Jeff Johnson123129
Trevor Morecraft121239
Jude Blackman020608
David Smith131128
Jan Hedger111227
Viv Brett LRPS112116
Rafael Pascual221016
Jennifer Joel111115
Sylvia Larter-Whitcher111115
Anita Taylor201025
Pat Goodall001113
Adrian Binney110002
Colin Pritchard LRPS110002
Sue Binney110002
Angela Housden100001
Brian Jones100001
Chris Smith100001
Colin Chase100001
Julia Matthews100001
Monique Sterrenburg100001
Pete Chilvers001001
Peter Orr ARPS2612617
Eric Blake LRPS3436117
Roger Dixey ARPS BPE*23345217
David McKibbin LRPS1163213
Corinne Kozok6212112
Pete Whieldon ARPS DPAGB1150512
Martin Farrow LRPS5111311
Roger Clark ARPS1331210
Louise Brown LRPS212319
Barbara Lambert CPAGB131139
Ann Erkut112149
Paul Davison ARPS DPAGB431008
Ron Foulks ARPS CPAGB150118
Anne Ruffell ARPS DPAGB113128
Janette Lloyd211138
Phil George131117
Sarah Townley311117
Mike Lane113117
Gordon Brown ARPS211217
Nick Townley LRPS201317
Glyn Paton LRPS211127
Michael White LRPS110406
Sarah Strange LRPS211116
Geoff Sharman112116
John Norris111115
Alex Fyfe DPAGB120003
Rosslyn Pritchard LRPS210003
Gerard Carlin200002
Jean Wheeler110002
Chris Gillard011002
Cairney Down ARPS100001
Chris Morris ARPS100001
John Davis100001
Linda Carlin100001
Ronnie Bennet010001

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