The Winchester Photographic Society (WPS) welcomes all people interested in photography and endeavours to cater for all, from absolute beginners to advanced amateurs and professional photographers.  As one of the largest photographic societies in the south, we do have a diverse membership with a wide range interests.

Our aim is to encourage photography and help people improve their technique and capabilities.

We try to maintain a friendly approach and offer aid along with constructive feedback on members work. Our programme has a range of exciting events, such as skilled lecturers who are willing to come and share tips and tricks of the trade, workshops to practise and improve skills around others of similar interests, and of course photographic competitions (both prints and projected images) to push your creativity to the limit.


The main meetings are held on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm from September to May, at the Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry St, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8SB.

During the Tea/coffee break (on most Tuesday meetings), there is a ‘Print Discussion Table’ where members can seek advice and comments about their photographs or ask questions. This is also a time to socialise and to ask advice from other members. Approaching a committee member is a good start if you do not know who to speak with to get help. 

Workshops, Panels & AV Groups

We also hold workshops on various subjects and have a Panels group who help each other, looking at ways to present several photographs instead of just one. There is also an Audio Visual (AV) group who work on presenting a series of digital images to music.

The workshops, Panels group and AV group normally meet on a Wednesday evening at the Littleton Millennium Memorial Hall, The Hall Way, Littleton, Winchester, SO22 6QL.  See the WPS programme for details.  Note these meetings are not held every week.

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