Recent Society Officials by year

The list of who did what over recent years is presented in compact form as a tabbed spreadsheet and as a single table which you can search and sort.

The people identified as “Committee Member” are often referred to as Members’ Reps. They are elected to the important role of representing members’ views on our governing committee.

As a Spreadsheet

Society Officials since 2014 – searchable list

This list of who did what since 2014 is sortable and searchable.

So to find which roles a person had held and when, search on their name.
To list everyone who has held a secretary role, search on Secretary. Then you could sort on title to see all the Communications Secretaries first, followed by Competition Secretaries, etc.

2020-21Society Officials 2020 / 2021
2020-21PresidentTrevor Morecraft
2020-21Vice PresidentRoger Dixey
2020-21Past PresidentGavin Bowyer
2020-21Treasurer/Membership SecretaryGraham Barber
2020-21Assistant TreasurerLilian Hobbs
2020-21SecretaryAdrian Binney
2020-21Committee MemberTony Large
2020-21Committee MemberEleanor Coke
2020-21Committee MemberJill North
2020-21Competition SecretaryGordon Brown
2020-21WPS WebmasterAdrian Walmsley
2020-21Communication SecretaryTrevor Morecraft
2020-21Programme SecretaryGavin Bowyer
2020-21Print Exhibition CoordinatorGeoff Sharman
2020-21Digital Projected Image SecretarySteven Cooper
2020-21Workshop SecretaryTrevor Morecraft
2020-21Projects GroupChris Morris
2020-21Distinctions Group RPSLouise Brown
2020-21Distinctions PAGBGlyn Paton
2020-21Outings OrganiserTony Large
2020-21Enhanced Reality Group leaderRoger Dixey
2020-21Improvers Group LeaderCarey Wall
2020-21Beginners' GroupAlan Thompson
2020-21Winchester National ExhibitionNick Townley
2020-21Training LeaderKeith Taylor
2019-20Society Officials 2019 / 2020
2019-20PresidentGavin Bowyer
2019-20Vice PresidentTrevor Morecraft
2019-20Past PresidentGlyn Paton
2019-20Treasurer/Membership SecretaryGraham Barber
2019-20SecretaryAdrian Binney
2019-20Committee MemberCarey Wall
2019-20Committee MemberEleanor Coke
2019-20Committee MemberJill North
2019-20Competition SecretaryGordon Brown
2019-20WPS Web ArchitectGerard Carlin
2019-20Communication SecretaryTrevor Morecraft
2019-20Programme SecretaryMark McLaren
2019-20Print Exhibition CoordinatorGeoff Sharman
2019-20Digital Projected Image SecretarySteven Cooper
2019-20Workshop SecretaryTrevor Morecraft
2019-20Panels GroupChris Morris
2019-20Distinctions Group RPSLouise Brown
2019-20Distinctions PAGBGlyn Paton
2019-20Outings OrganiserTony Large
2019-20Enhanced Reality Group leaderRoger Dixey
2019-20Improvers Group LeaderCarey Wall
2018-19Society Officials 2018 / 2019
2018-19PresidentGlyn Paton
2018-19Vice PresidentGavin Bowyer
2018-19Past PresidentNick Townley
2018-19Treasurer/Membership SecretaryGraham Barber
2018-19SecretaryAdrian Binney
2018-19Committee MemberCarey Wall
2018-19Committee MemberEleanor Coke
2018-19Committee MemberTony Smith
2018-19Competition SecretaryGordon Brown
2018-19WPS Web ArchitectGerard Carlin
2018-19Communication SecretaryTrevor Morecraft
2018-19Programme SecretaryGavin Bowyer
2018-19Print Exhibition CoordinatorChristine Smith
2018-19Digital Projected Image SecretarySteven Cooper
2018-19Workshop SecretaryTrevor Morecraft
2018-19Panels GroupMartin Farrow
2018-19Distinctions GroupLouise Brown
2018-19Outings OrganiserTony Large
2017-18Society Officials 2017 / 2018
2017-18PresidentNick Townley
2017-18Vice PresidentGlyn Paton
2017-18Past PresidentEric Blake
2017-18Treasurer/Membership SecretaryGraham Barber
2017-18SecretaryAdrian Binney
2017-18Committee MemberSarah Strange
2017-18Committee MemberTony Large
2017-18Committee MemberTrevor Morecraft
2017-18Competition SecretaryGordon Brown
2017-18IT SecretaryGerard Carlin
2017-18Programme SecretaryGavin Bowyer
2017-18WPS Web ArchitectGerard Carlin
2017-18Communication SecretaryAnn Erkut
2017-18Print Exhibition CoordinatorChristine Smith
2017-18Digital Projected Image SecretarySteven Cooper
2017-18Workshop SecretaryTony Large
2017-18Panels GroupMartin Farrow
2017-18Distinctions GroupLouise Brown
2017-18Outings OrganiserTrevor Morecraft
2016-17Society Officials 2016 / 2017
2016-17PresidentEric Blake
2016-17Vice PresidentNick Townley
2016-17Past PresidentSteve Green
2016-17Honorary Life PresidentGeorge Walsh APAGB
2016-17Treasurer/Membership SecretaryGraham Barber
2016-17SecretaryAnn Erkut
2016-17Committee MemberSarah Strange
2016-17Committee MemberDerek Hickman
2016-17Committee MemberGlyn Paton
2016-17Competition SecretaryPeter Orr ARPS
2016-17IT SecretaryGerard Carlin
2016-17Programme SecretaryJason Reeves
2016-17WPS Web ArchitectGerard Carlin
2016-17Print Exhibition CoordinatorChristine Smith
2016-17Digital Projected Image SecretarySteven Cooper
2016-17Workshop SecretaryTony Large
2016-17AV GroupBarbara Lambert
2016-17Panels GroupMartin Farrow
2016-17Distinctions GroupLouise Brown
2016-17Outings OrganiserTrevor Morecraft
2015-16Society Officials 2015 / 2016
2015-16PresidentSteve Green
2015-16Vice PresidentEric Blake
2015-16Past PresidentLouise Brown
2015-16Honorary Life PresidentGeorge Walsh APAGB
2015-16Treasurer/Membership SecretaryGraham Barber
2015-16SecretaryAnn Erkut
2015-16Committee MemberSarah Strange
2015-16Committee MemberSarah Walton
2015-16Committee MemberNick Townley
2015-16Competition SecretaryGordon Brown LRPS
2015-16IT SecretaryGerard Carlin
2015-16Programme SecretaryJason Reeves
2015-16WPS Web ArchitectGerard Carlin
2015-16Print Exhibition CoordinatorRon Foulkes
2015-16Digital Projected Image SecretaryPeter Orr
2015-16Workshop SecretaryChris Gillard
2015-16AV GroupBarbara Lambert
2015-16Panels GroupMartin Farrow
2015-16Distinctions GroupLouise Brown
2014-15Society Officials 2014/2015
2014-15PresidentLouise Brown
2014-15Honorary Life PresidentGeorge Walsh APAGB
2014-15Vice PresidentSteve Green
2014-15Past PresidentDavid McKibbin
2014-15SecretaryAnn Erkut
2014-15Treasurer/Membership SecretaryGraham Barber
2014-15Programme SecretaryDavid McKibbin
2014-15Competition SecretaryGordon Brown LRPS
2014-15Digital Projected Image SecretaryBrian Jones
2014-15Exhibition CoordinatorRon Foulkes
2014-15Publicity OfficerRoger Clark
2014-15Workshop SecretaryChris Gillard
2014-15WPS Web ArchitectGerard Carlin
2014-15Committee MemberPaula Burgess
2014-15Committee MemberMike Roe
2014-15Committee MemberMike Shaw