23 November – Visions of America

23 November 2021 – Visions of America

US National Parks & Rodeos

Speaker: Tony Gervis FRPS

Location: Record Office Cinema

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23 November 2021 – Tony Gervis FRPS

About Tony

Tony Gervis is a long standing member of Worcestershire Camera Club, and a frequent guest speaker at camera clubs around the country.

He describes himself as “A passionate traveller and photographer who, being able to do both in abundance, lives an idyllic life.”

Tony was originally planning to give this talk about Road Trips in America, covering rodeos and National Parks, on 12 January 2021.

But he felt that the talk really needed to be presented live in person.

So, because we were in lockdown, and could only meet via GoToMeeting, he gave a different talk. That was “One Man and His Van”, talking about his 3½ month solo journey across Europe, through Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, on through Russia ( for the 3rd time ), Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia then back home

Visions of America

Tony visited America almost every year for 40+years, travelling and photographing 120 national/state parks, and has also visited 5 of their top 10 rodeos.

He gained his FRPS with a panel of images taken inside the now well known “Slot Canyons”.

So he is probably better placed than most Americans to gives us a broad view of such a large country.

He has had and been offered commissions with Dorling Kindersley and The National Geographic as well as running photographic workshops in America.

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23 November – Tony Gervis – how to watch

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There should be room for everyone who wants to come, but we’re asking members to book online so that we can make sure it’s not overcrowded.

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