2020-21 Print League Round 3 – Mono

2020-21 Print Round 3 – Mono – 9 February

Until further notice, we are holding all PDI (projected digital image) competitions online using GoToMeeting.

Tonight we combine Round 3 of the Print league with the Annual Mono competition. See Mono tab below for details.

Upload deadline Weds 3 February

Members please upload your images by the end of Wednesday 3 February 2021.

Judge: Zaid Meherali

subject to official confirmation from the Competition Secretary

Mono Competition

The overall winner of the Mono Competition was Robin Shaw’s Whispering Tree

Whispering Tree by Robin Shaw

2020-21 Print Round 3 – Winning and Held back entries

Click on any pane to see the winning and held back images in that class

A=Advanced, B=Beginners, G=Gold, I=Intermediate


1st Terry Shipp Strumble Lighthouse
2nd John Tierney Sharing A Moment
3rd Charles Jennings Peninsular Reflections
c Bob Allen Fun with mum
c Joanne Parker Snowday
hb Damon Elliott Natures Beautiful Power


1st Sue Birtwistle Sunrise on a Sunday
2nd Bob Hart Birdsong at Eventide
3rd Jennifer Joel Watergate Delivery
C Carey Wall Ducks in a Sudden Summer Squall
C Angela Cook Jada
C Sarah Walton Beach Pup
C Nick Sellick Troubled
HB David Welchman Spring hare
HB Mike Roe LRPS Abstract Seahorse


1st Robin Shaw LRPS Whispering Tree
2nd Jo Grimes Footsteps in the sand
3rd Andrew Greenwood 20 Fenchurch Street
C Jude Blackman Bridge Butterfly
C Dan Cowen Guardians of the Metropolis
C Steve Govan Cygnet, Sleepy but Watchful
C Jill North LRPS Gloomy Zebra
C Gavin Mann T5 Missing You, Can’t Wait.
HB Roger Clark ARPS Humpbacks Fight for a Female


1st Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB Pindapata on a Misty Myanmar Morning
2nd Adrian Binney LRPS QPSA Cuban young musician
3rd Corinne Kozok CPAGB EFIAP Mastering the Waves
C Tony Cowburn ARPS Five Shades of Grey
C Ray Hems LRPS Buachaille Etive Mor
C David McKibbin LRPS DPAGB Inter City Calm
HB Gavin Bowyer ARPS Dancing in the Stop Light

We’ll update this table with the results of each Print round shortly after judging evenings.

Judge: Zaid Meherali

Zaid Meherali is a member of Basingstoke Camera Club and an experienced judge on the SCPF circuit.

With an interest in defence, aviation and photography since he was an RAF Air Cadet, Zaid is a professionally-qualified photographer whose images have been used and published by Dstl, RAF News, The German Air Force and the scientific journal Nature Materials.

He has flown in numerous platforms both fixed and rotary winged including KDC-10, C-17, VC-10, Chipmunk, Twin Otter, Chinook, and 206 Jet Ranger.

He is a speaker on Aviation and Defence Photography and covers Airshow Photography techniques.

See some of his work on his

Zaid Meherali
with acknowledgements to
RAes Boscombe Down

Zaid last judged for us five years ago (if records are complete), for PDI Round 4 on 16 February 2016.

We look forward to welcoming him again.

The Mono Competition

from the 2020-21 WPS Handbook

This is a competition for monochrome prints.

Although often termed ‘black and white’, monochrome can actually be any one colour plus white.

The winner is awarded the FB Heathcote-Wride Old Symmetrical trophy.

This season, the third round of the print league (9 February) will be the monochrome competition.

Once the judge has assessed each class and awarded places as normal, he will then select
an overall winner, irrespective of class, for the monochrome trophy.

Not shown because date is past

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