WPS Members’ Handbook 2023-24

News of the Members’ Handbook for 2023-24 which is available online and for collection at Tuesday meetings from 5 September 2023.

WPS Members’ Handbook

One of the highlights of the first meeting of every season has been collecting your copy of the Handbook when you arrive at the Arc.

What’s new?

For this centenary season there’s a special section on the early history of the society and a facsimile of an early programme card.

The Handbook is based on the attractive design by Viv Brett and Susan McIntyre which was first used for the 2017-18 Handbook.

Is there an online version?

See https://www.winphotosoc.uk/info/wps-members-handbook/

It’s for members only, so you’ll need to login to see it.

Members Handbook 2023-24

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