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2023-11_Nov_1st_Lilian Hobbs_ARPS Panel 45 likes
2023-11_Nov_1st_Lilian Hobbs_ARPS Panel 45 likes

The clear winner for the second successive month was Lilian Hobbs. Her ARPS panel received 45 likes.

Second with 35 likes was Diane Gollowitzer’s “Reggie in his Elements”, Highly Commended in PDI R2, a new edit of an image which had won a 2023 International Pet Photographer of the Year silver award.

Third was Trevor Morecraft’s aerial image of the BAC 1-11 fuselage being towed through the streets of Southampton on its way to the Solent Sky Museum, where it will be turned into a café. As well as being reproduced in several national and local newspapers and many other sites on the internet, this image had received 27 likes in our facebook group by the end of November. More likes are still coming in at the time of writing.

PlacingLikesMemberPosted onSubject
145Lilian Hobbs08-Nov-2023ARPS panel
235Diane Gollowitzer22-Nov-2023Reggie in his Elements
327Trevor Morecraft29-Nov-2023BAC-1-11 in Southampton
425Adrian Walmsley04-Nov-2023Rainy Thursday in Winchester
524Trevor Morecraft03-Nov-2023Queen Elizabeth leaving Portsmouth
623Philip George06-Nov-2023View from Blackwater bridge at Rhinefield
722Philip George08-Nov-2023Red van in the rape
820Peter Orr11-Nov-2023Savernake Forest
919Sarah Townley08-Nov-2023Hilliers Infrared

Detailed results of the top five as follows:

  • 1st Lilian Hobbs’ ARPS Panel with 45 likes, posted on 8 November2023
    • Lilian wrote:
      • I am very pleased to report that today I was successful in gaining an ARPS in applied with a sun and moon panel.
      • Huge thanks goes to Vanessa Slawson and Anne Dean Ruffell for their help and advice
  • 2nd Diane Gollowitzer’s Reggie in his Elements with 35 likes, posted on 22 November 2023
    • Diane wrote:
      • I’m pretty chuffed how my first ever submission did on the competition yesterday 🥰
      • (This is a previous edit, I cleaned up the dog’s face based on the feedback I got from one of the judges at the International Pet Photographer of the Year)
  • 3rd Trevor Morecraft’s BAC 1-11 on the move in Southampton with 27 likes and counting, posted on 29 November 2023
    • Trevor wrote
      • I’ve always wanted to get one of my pictures in the national newspapers. Today, a 1/3 page in the Telegraph (page21). Great stuff.
      • Also 5 pictures in the Mail online , and in the Times Online Pictures (behind a paywall)
      • Feeling very happy. It was worth the 0530 start last Saturday.
  • 4th Adrian Walmsley’s Rainy Thursday in Winchester with 25 likes, posted on 4 November 2023
    • Adrian wrote:
      • Rainy Thursday in Winchester – couldn’t resist two black and white umbrellas for the price of one.
  • 5th Trevor Morecraft’s Queen Elizabeth leaving Portsmouth with 24 likes, posted on 3 November 2023
    • Trevor wrote:
      • A very fortunate drone shot today. One ticked off my bucket list. A drone shot of HMS Queen Elizabeth leaving Portsmouth. And along came a rainbow at exactly the right time. No photoshop here……

A few excellent and high-scoring images were posted towards the end of October and dominate the top positions.

The clear winner was Lilian Hobbs with 56 likes for her stunning image of zebras drinking at night.

Second was Tony Cowburn’s Corfe Castle Station at night with 44 likes, then Helen Otton’s Hells Angel with 33 likes.

Helen’s Hells Angel, and Geoff Sharman’s 4th placed Natural Network had been Highly Commended by judge Andrew Mills Print Round 2 on 24 October.

PositionLikesAuthorPosted onSubject
156Lilian Hobbs28-Oct-2023Zebras drinking
244Tony Cowburn25-Oct-2023Corfe Castle Station after the last train – LPOTY commended
333Helen Otton25-Oct-2023Hells Angel
427Geoff Sharman25-Oct-2023Natural Network
522Adrian Binney14-Oct-2023Quebec at night from the St Lawrence
621Sarah Townley27-Oct-2023Garden fox
621Adrian Binney28-Oct-2023Bird catching a flying fish
621Tony Smith03-Oct-2023Harry Borden’s lecture

Detailed results of the top five as follows:

  • 1st Lilian Hobbs’ Zebras drinking with 56 likes, posted on 28 October 2023
    • Lilian simply wrote:
      • Taken with my iphone 14 max
  • 2nd Tony Cowburn’s Corfe Castle Station after the last train with 44 likes, posted on 25 October 2023
    • Tony wrote:
      • Delighted to have an image included in the Landscape Photographer of the Year book again this year. ‘Corfe Castle station’ has been commended in the LPOTY ‘My railway adventure’ category.
      • “Corfe Castle station, on the Swanage Railway with the floodlit Castle ruins as a backdrop. Taken on a winter’s evening, long after the day’s last steam train had departed”.
  • 3rd Helen Otton’s Hells Angel with 33 likes, posted on 25 October 2023
    • Helen wrote
      • driving though Carmarthen following a motorcyclist I thought he had one of those nodding dogs in his back box before I realised it was a real dog with a helmet on! He turned off for petrol and I turned in to Morrisons still smiling, it then hit me I would unlikely see anything like that again and I had my Fuji XT5 in the van so I did an about turn and managed to catch up with the motorcyclist before he left the petrol station. He was pleased to let me take some photos of ‘Ted’ aka Hells Angel – I still smile when I look at him
  • 4th Geoff Sharman’s Natural Network with 27 likes, posted on 25 October 2023
    • Geoff wrote:
      • taken because I wanted to do “something different”! I hope most of you realised that it’s a cobweb, seen one morning in Hillier Gardens. I was struck by the amzingly intricate detail and lack of regularity (nothing like the classic Halloween web). The dew drops added a jewel-like quality. No people, no animals, and no landscape!
    • Editor’s note: Geoff’s image bears a striking resemblance to this year’s Youth winner (and overall runner up) of the Intimate View section of the 2023 Landscape Photographer of the Year
  • 5th Adrian Binney’s Quebec at night from the St Lawrence with 22 likes, posted on 14 October 2023
    • Adrian wrote:
      • Sailed back east along St Laurence river, passing Quebec late. Lightroom newish noise control does good job on these high ISO shots.

Another stunning Milky Way image by Tony Cowburn wins this month’s competition. It’s interesting to see that two of the other top posts this month were recording members’ successes in international exhibitions. Interesting for two reasons – to hear about the successes, and to see that so many members support their fellow members’ achievements.

Results as follows:

  • 1st Tony Cowburn’s Milky Way over Man o’ War bay with 29 likes, posted on 16 September 2023
    • Tony wrote:
      • Took a trip to Man O’War bay last night for a last look at the Milky Way for this ‘season’. Conditions were far from ideal with some cloud on the horizon and some light pollution from Weymouth & Portland, so I climbed down to the beach and hid most of the horizon and Weymouth nightlife behind the Durdle Door rocks.
  • 2nd Adrian Binney’s account of his PSA successes with 27 likes, posted on 5 September 2023
    • Adrian wrote
      • As many of you know, I have been entering PSA International Exhibitions for a few years, since my first distinction of LRPS through the help of Louise Brown in 2018. I now have over 200 images which have been Accepted at these Exhibitions, the vast majority in the Travel and Nature classes, where the image’s story is more important than its ‘beauty’ – a portrait of a stunning bird is no good.
      • I have recently started entering more Open events (same as our Competitions) and it was pleasing yesterday to receive Awards from a USA based two judging Exhibition for 2 images – A Highly Commended for a Cuban image and 3rd place plus HC for an American landscape. Both images are here and will be familiar to many of you.
  • 3rd Mike Lane’s FIAP medals with 25 likes, posted on 9 September 2023
    • Mike wrote:
      • A very pleasant surprise in the post this morning and a great start to the new season of WPS tonight. One FIAP Gold medal for nature, three Silver medals and one Honourable Mention.
  • 4th= Peter Orr’s View towards Huish in the Vale of Pewsey with 21 likes, posted on 9 September 2023
    • Peter wrote:
      • The view at 7am from Workway Drove looking towards Huish in the Vale of Pewsey, Wiltshire.
      • Despite this week’s hot weather, the humidity has been high enough to produce early morning mists. Tiny sand particles from Africa carried on the air currents have given a slightly orange hue to the morning and evening light.
  • 4th= Deborah Gordon’s Morning Walk images with 21 likes, posted on 14 September 2023
    • Deborah wrote:
      • More from this morning’s walk (iPhone)

Another close run competition this month. Peter Orr’s Hare takes first place this month with 20 likes, closely followed by Robin Shaw’s Leverets and Lilian Hobbs’ Polar Bear with 19 each (subject to confirmation by the Comms Sec)

Results as follows:

  • 1st Peter Orr’s Hare with 20 likes, posted on 28 August 2023
    • Peter wrote:
      • Now that the harvest is largely over it’s easier to see hares. This one was grazing on winter wheat shoots early in the morning. We exchanged glances then a leveret bounced up to her and they hopped over the brow of the hill together.
      • Z9 Z800mm x1.4 converter
  • 2nd= Lilian Hobbs’ Polar Bear with 19 likes, posted on 23 August 2023
    • Lilian wrote Polar Bear taken with the om1 150-400 and teleconverter and digital teleconverter giving equiv of 2000mm as recommended by Andy Rouse
  • 2nd= Robin Shaw’s cute Leverets with 19 likes, posted on 23 August 2023
    • Robin wrote:
      • Railway Run interrupted by wildlife.
      • Yesterday’s run worked well but with some wildlife interference. Dragonfies we can cope with, newly hatched grass snakes a bit of a worry, but when pair of leverets rocked up the trains were abandoned. I nicknamed these two Lucky 1 and Lucky 2, they will need it as survival to next year is not easy.

A close run competition this month. Congratulations to all who contributed, especially to Steve Bailey who so nearly came top with his first post in the group and to Ian Porter for his first place and for his Gold Digger which won the Irving Cup in the Winchester National Exhibition.

Results as follows:

  • 1st Ian Porter‘s Black Eagles with 22 likes, posted on 3 July 2023
    • Ian wrote: head in the clouds again today! Black Eagle display team
  • 2nd Steve Bailey‘s T20 Semi Final with 21 likes, posted on 6 July 2023
    • Steve wrote First post here, so forgive me…. Hampshire Hawks beat Gloucestershire on Sunday to advance to semi-finals of T20 Vitality Blast
    • Editor’s note: Steve’s post had four images attached. When you tot up the Likes, 21 separate members liked one or more of the post itself and its attached images. The Count(Unique())spreadsheet function is your friend here.
  • 3rd= Trevor Morecraft’s Puffins on Coquet Island with 20 likes, posted on 6 July 2023
    • Trevor wrote: Tricky little suckers. Puffins in flight is not easy….. Coquet Island today. Olympus OM-1 and 100-400mm lens. From a boat….
      Good practice for the airshow next week.
    • Editor’s note:Trevor’s post had three images attached. By the same logic used above, counting the likes for the post itself and the three images, there were likes from 20 separate members.
  • 3rd= Tony Large with Mirror, Mirror, posted on 18 July 2023, with 20 likes
    • Tony wrote: Mirror, mirror on the …………
  • 5th Ian Porter’s Gold Digger posted on 28 July 2023 with 17 likes
    • Ian wrote: this has just won the Irving cup for best of the Winchester entries (in the WNE Pictorial Colour class). I enjoy doing them and honestly am not worried if they win or not, they are fun
  • 6th= James West with Small Red Eyed Damselfly, posted on 18 July 2023 with 15 likes.
    • James simply wrote: A Small Red Eyed Damselfly, Chandlers Ford, 18 July 2023
  • 6th= Mike Roe’s Hotel Corridor, posted on 27 July 2023 with 15 likes.

Way out in front this month with 38 likes was Ray Hems’ image “Salisbury Plain South Georgia”.

The three most liked by their peers this month were all posts celebrating success in external exhibitions.

Results as follows:

  • 1st Ray Hems with 38 likes, posted on 2 June 2023
  • 2nd Corinne Kozok with 29 likes, posted on 21 June 2023
    • Corinne wrote: I am very pleased to share with my fellow club members that one of my images has been awarded a gold medal.
    • 21 June update: I am very pleased say that Mike and I have just been notified that we have achieved, and awarded, the FIAP Gold level distinction.
    • Corinne’s gold-winning image was Eaten to the Bone – Kenya which had achieved a Held Back in this season’s Print Round 5
  • 3rd Linda Gates with 26 likes, posted on 4 June
    • Linda wrote: I recently entered 8 A4 prints into the BAWS small print circuit in India, hoping to get my first FIAP print acceptance. Results are back and I am really pleased with 11 acceptances for 6 different images across the 3 Salons. Honesty in Old Bottles was awarded a Federation of Indian Photography gold medal to add to its FIAP silver as a PDI. Thank you all for your comments. I guess this will cover the 4 different prints needed for AFIAP.
    • Linda’s gold-medal image, Honesty in Old Bottles had been placed first in the 2021-22 season Advanced Section Print Round 5
  • 4th Peter Orr‘s Sea Eagle, posted on 3 June 2023, with 22 likes
    • Peter said: A white-tailed sea eagle, Britain’s largest native raptor, about to catch a fish on the Hebridean Isle of Mull.
  • 5th Jill North’s Damselfly, posted on 26 June 2023, with 21 likes
    • Jill wrote: Sorry folks – another damsel fly! I’m hoping some other insects will visit my little pond soon.
  • 6th Adrian Binney‘s Polar Bear, posted on 9 June 2023 with 19 likes.
    • Adrian wrote: We were told there was a less than 2% chance of seeing a Polar Bear in the part of Svalbard we were – then this perfect sighting on ice in front of a huge glacier. It was as close as we were allowed to get, but still needed 1,300mm equivalent for this shot with a minor crop in pp.

This month’s most liked image in the WPS Members’ facebook group was Lilian Hobbs

Results as follows:

  • 1st Lilian Hobbs posted on 5 May Solar Aurora 28 likes
    • Lilian wrote: ‘The sun is very active at the moment which is why the aurora was visible recently. The eruptions off the limb are called prominences and some of them are larger than the earth. Image taken with a Hydrogen Alpha telescope which reveals the details and my special astro camera.
  • 2nd Peter Orr posted on 14 May Ancient Beech Tree 22 likes
    • Peter wrote: There is a line of exposed ancient pollarded beech trees running along the course of the iron-age hill fort at Martinsell Hill near Marlborough.
      At nearly 1,000 feet above sea level, the wind, rain and cold winters have stunted their growth and forced their gnarled trunks and branches into twisted, contorted forms.
      This morning’s fog refused to burn off before the sun was very high, so the misty landscape shot across the vale towards Savernake was not going to materialise.
      However, the recession of the fog was picked up in the line of trees on the hilltop and here’s my take on this view.
      Nikon Z9 with 24-70 mm