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Terry Shipp‘s Cracking Sky
Most liked imaged of February 2023

This month’s most liked image in the WPS Members’ facebook group was Terry Shipp‘s Cracking Sky

Results as follows:

  • First: posted on 5 Feb – Terry Shipp‘s Cracking Sky Today (image got 26 likes)
  • Second: posted on 9 Feb – Peter Orr’s Ghostly image – 22 likes
  • Third: posted on 24 Jan Tony Cowburn‘s two Taking the Plunge images used in from Dorset Life. Tony’s post received 21 likes

Peter says: I was at an early Neolithic long barrow on the downs above the Vale of Pewsey near Marlborough, when the low sun was about to be obliterated by a sudden blanket of fog moving across the vale from the direction of Picked Hill.

After glancing behind me I quickly took this iPhone shot of what is known as the Brocken Spectre effect – my magnified ghostly shadow forming in mid air, not on the ground but on the tiny fog particles.

The halo-like rings of rainbow coloured light are formed at the anti-solar point by refraction centred on my head. The effect disappeared as quickly as it formed as the whole area was engulfed in freezing fog.

I descended slowly with 5 meters visibility but by the time I reached my car the fog had completely cleared. Weather dynamics in rural Wiltshire!

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