Annual Print Exhibition 2023 – Advice Evening

Advice Evening Tuesday 10 January 2023, The Arc

This Tuesday evening will provide you with:

  • Advice on selecting images for the Exhibition
  • Advice on preparing images for the Exhibition
  • Advice on the printing workflow
  • Clarification of the rules for each class

By the end of the evening you should be able to answer these questions:

  • Is it okay to replace the sky in my landscape entry?
  • Can I put a texture layer on my nature entry?
  • Can I remove those unsightly pylons and power lines in this Hampshire view?
  • I have 8 excellent nature images – may I put 4 in Nature and 4 in Free?
  • Is this picture of someone being whipped appropriate for the Sin category?
  • Where can I now enter my “action” shot?

We will have a pre-view of the touring exhibition from the National Gallery, Sin, which is running in the main gallery at the time of our exhibition  – hence our own special category this year “Sin”. What constitutes “Sin” – and what is acceptable to show in our exhibition?

The final part of the evening will provide an opportunity to bring along a selection of your own work to discuss, in the café area, with experienced WPS photographers happy to offer advice and mentoring

Do come along, feel free to bring some images, and find out more about our Annual Exhibition – the highlight of the WPS year.

More details:

For more about the 2023 Annual Exhibition, including key dates, see

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