2019 Print Exhibition Results

Winchester Photographic Society’s 85th Annual Print Exhibition 2019

Results of the 2019 Print Exhibition

The Judges  
Michael Curtis ARPS 
Barbara Holder CPAGB 
Andrew Mills ARPS MA 


Class A – BeginnersCliff Pinn Trophy 
Ref.AuthorImage TitleAward
A022Deborah GordonJugWinner – Cliff Pinn Trophy
A007Bruce MackayReflectionsCertificate of Merit
A011Justine ShottonRunning Up Silver HoweCertificate of Merit
A003Chrissi TravellBottoms Up
A006Bruce MackayUnder the Bridge
A010Geraldine GuthrieSure Footed
A015John RoseSunrise at Southwold
A020Deborah GordonCleome Through Greenhouse Glass
A021Deborah GordonDahlia Through Greenhouse Glass
A026Peter O’SullivanWhat are You Looking At?
A027Kate CarslawLymington River
A028Kate CarslawEvening Windows
Class B – Set of ThreeChallenge Trophy
Ref.AuthorImage TitleAward
B012Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2*
Hampshire LandscapesWinner – Challenge Trophy
B010Anne Ruffell ARPS DPAGBArchitectural FantasyCertificate of Merit
B001Stephen Green LRPSRocks
B005James WestAbandoned; the Salen Wrecks, 2016-18
B009Martin Farrow ARPSAlcohol
B015Gordon Brown ARPSThe Goodwood Revival
Class C – Free SubjectDJ Cup 
Ref.AuthorImage TitleAward
C069Eric Blake LRPSWorthing PierWinner – DJ Cup
C009Sarah Louise Townley LRPSStill Life with TulipsCertificate of Merit
C036Brian Holloway21 CranesCertificate of Merit
C051Anne Ruffell ARPS DPAGBUrban IndiaCertificate of Merit
C059Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2*
The StormCertificate of Merit
C076Tony Smith ARPS DPAGBHelp Me SomeoneCertificate of Merit
C088Christopher Maidens LRPS CPAGB AFIAPFrom LulworthCertificate of Merit
C003Stephen Green LRPSFirst Light
C004Stephen Green LRPSWinter Dawn – Yosemite
C005Stephen Green LRPSGolden Gate Sunrise
C008Sarah Louise Townley LRPSBath
C020Sue BirtwistleBritish Museum – Winter Sunlight
C025James WestVestrahorn Sunset, Stokksnes, Iceland
C033Sarah Strange LRPSEarly Morning in Yellowstone
C039Atul KshirsagarKirkjufell Aurora
C044Dan CowenFour Layers of Red
C047Martin Farrow ARPSBow Lake Reflection
C052Anne Ruffell ARPS DPAGBThe Lone Swimmer
C057Viv Brett LRPSWave Patterns
C058Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2*
Holy Island
C064Glyn Paton LRPSTemple Sweeper
C071Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGBGreat Grey Landing at Dusk
C074Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGBJust Landed
C085Robin Shaw LRPSSlow Worm
C087Christopher Maidens LRPS CPAGB AFIAPPlaying It Safe
C091Gordon Brown ARPSLaunching the Boats
C092Gordon Brown ARPSLondon Balconies
C093Ann ErkutJapanese Red Fox – Kitsune
Class D – Taken in HampshireHampshire Chronicle Bowl 
Ref.AuthorImage TitleAward
D040Martin Farrow ARPSCycling ByWinner – Hampshire Chronicle Bowl
D049Eric Blake LRPSFarley MountCertificate of Merit
D051Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGBSheltered from the RainCertificate of Merit
D055Tony Smith ARPS DPAGBFeathersCertificate of Merit
D060Robin Shaw LRPSSouthampton DocksCertificate of Merit
D062Christopher Maidens LRPS CPAGB AFIAPMorning Sun and MistCertificate of Merit
D001Stephen Green LRPSLongstock Water Gardens
D002Stephen Green LRPSNave Ceiling, Winchester Cathedral
D005Geoff SharmanMole, Badger and Ratty Contemplate Toad’s Misdeeds
D006Geoff SharmanWinchester Cathedral Illuminated
D019Sue BirtwistleAutumn Trees
D022James WestReady for the Rut at Bolderwood
D028Christopher Morris ARPSSouthampton Docks
D030Jennifer JoelSolent Winds
D041Martin Farrow ARPSInterlopers
D042Martin Farrow ARPSNew Forest Ponies
D048Eric Blake LRPSSnow on Farley Mount
D050Peter O’SullivanNearly Loaded
D052Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGBFamily of Little Owls in Fir Tree
D053Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGBKingfisher with Fish
D056Roger Clark ARPSNew Forest Ponies in Winter
D058Robin Shaw LRPSSolent Winter Sailing
Class E – Human PortraitPyne Medal 
Ref.AuthorImage TitleAward
E011Sarah Louise Townley LRPSGeorgiaWinner – Pyne Medal
E008Sarah Louise Townley LRPSEmmaCertificate of Merit
E018Christopher Morris ARPSRachel and Her FatherCertificate of Merit
E030Gavin Bowyer ARPSRwandan Lady Looks BackCertificate of Merit
E046Tony Smith ARPS DPAGBFreedom Inneh DancerCertificate of Merit
E009Sarah Louise Townley LRPSThe Ferret Man
E010Sarah Louise Townley LRPSIsabel
E017Christopher Morris ARPSSelf-Portrait 2018
E023Martin Farrow ARPSOne for the Camera
E028Gavin Bowyer ARPSPorter, Hoi An, Vietnam
E029Gavin Bowyer ARPSLady and the Lamp
E034Glyn Paton LRPSSurprise
E038Lynette ClarkTongan Boy
E042Graham Barber LRPSChloe
E045Tony Smith ARPS DPAGBTrainee Brahmin Priest at Varanasi
E049Gordon Brown ARPSIs This for Me?
Class F – NatureKing Alfred Cup 
Ref.AuthorImage TitleAward
F013James WestCommon Dolphin in Flight, Cairns of Coll, ScotlandWinner – King Alfred Cup
F004Sarah Louise Townley LRPSRedwing Eating Cotoneaster BerriesCertificate of Merit
F043Gavin Bowyer ARPSGorilla Baby Missing MotherCertificate of Merit
F053Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGBTwo Inquisitive OwletsCertificate of Merit
F055Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGBUsing Wings to Balance on a Windy DayCertificate of Merit
F056Tony Smith ARPS DPAGBRice Terraces in North VietnamCertificate of Merit
F003Sarah Louise Townley LRPSRobin Feeding Mate
F005Sarah Louise Townley LRPSFieldfare Acrobatics
F017Christopher Morris ARPSCanary-Shouldered Thorn
F018Christopher Morris ARPSIchneumon
F021Sarah Strange LRPSGroundhog Greeting
F023Sarah Strange LRPSThe Watchful Kingfisher
F035Ron Foulkes ARPS CPAGBHelping the Weakest
F044Gavin Bowyer ARPSLilac Breasted Roller with Snack
F046Gavin Bowyer ARPSGorillas Holding Feet
F052Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGBJust Out from Hibernation
F057Roger Clark ARPSEmperor Penguin Chick Emerging from Brood Pouch
F061Robin Shaw LRPSCaterpillars
F064Gordon Brown ARPSFallen Leaf
F068Ann ErkutWhite Tailed Eagle
Class G – StreetRobert Moore Trophy